Adobe Flash Player

How to Unblock Adobe Flash Content

Adobe Flash Player is computer software used to view multimedia contents that are created using the Adobe Flash platform. Most of the time, Adobe Flash Player is blocked on websites because Adobe Flash is slowly becoming obsolete.

To view multimedia contents that use Adobe Flash Player, you need to permit it to run; a prompt usually appears if you are trying to view Adobe Flash content.

But, if the prompt does not appear, follow the methods below to unblock Adobe Flash Player.

Unblocking Adobe Flash Player on Google Chrome

Step 1:  Open Google Chrome

Step 2: Click the Customize icon on the upper right corner of Google Chrome

Customize Icon

Step 3: Select Settings from the drop-down menu


Step 4: Select Privacy and Security on the side menu

Privacy and Security

Step 5: Click on Site Settings

Step 6: Scroll down and find flash and open it


Step 7: Make sure that the switch is off so that it won’t block Adobe Flash Player from running.

block sites running Flash

Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox doesn’t have adobe flash player installed by default. To view adobe flash contents on Firefox, you need to install the plugin first.

See the guide below on how to install and unblock Adobe Flash Player.

Step 1: Click on the link on the link to install the plugin

Step 2: After loading the page, click on Add to Firefox

Add to Firefox

Step 3: A prompt will appear on the upper left corner of the screen, click on Add

Add button

Step 4: Click on Okay, Got it on the upper right corner of the screen

Okay Got it button

Step 5: After installing the plugin you can view Adobe Flash contents now on Mozilla Firefox

Unblocking Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Click on the menu button on the upper right corner of the browser

menu button

Step 2: Select Settings from the drop-down menu


Step 3: A pop-up menu will appear, Scroll down and select View Advanced Settings

View Advanced Settings

Step 4: Make sure that Use Adobe Flash Player is turned on

Use Adobe Flash Player

As developers side on HTML 5, Adobe Flash Player is becoming more and more obsolete these days, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot view flash contents anymore.

Just follow the steps above to guide you in unblocking Adobe Flash Player on your browsers.