How to Clear Cache on Google Chrome

How to Clear Cache on Google Chrome

/ Shayne Sherman

Google Chrome saves information about websites you visit in the form of cookies and cache. This makes loading of websites faster specially if you visit it often.

While this is a great feature to have, sometimes cache & cookies size gets too big which results to system slowdown.

Clearing your cache every once in a while, can be helpful in keeping your system run smoothly. This can also fix certain website problems like formatting issues and loading problems. In this article we will show you how to clear your cache on google chrome.

Result of Clearing Cache and Cookies

Before clearing your cache and cookies keep in mind of the following

  • Settings on website that you visit will be cleared
  • You will need to login again for all your accounts on websites that you visit
  • First time loading of websites that you will visit again can be a bit slower after clearing your cache

Step 1: Run Google Chrome

Step 2: On the top right corner you will find an options button, Click on it

options button

Step 3: On the pop-up menu, click on settings


Step 4: On the side menu, click on Privacy and Security

Step 5: Click on Clear Browsing data

Clear browsing data

Step 6: A menu will pop-up,in time range selection click on All time

Step 7: Check Cookies and other site data

Step 8: Check Cached images and files  

Step 9: Click on Clear Data

Clear Data
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