How to Download Facebook Videos: 3 Easy Methods

How to Download Facebook Videos: 3 Easy Methods

/ Shayne Sherman

In this article, you are going to discover 3 easy methods that you can use to download facebook videos. These methods are simple and safe, and the last one doesn’t even require you to use any third party intervention.

In this article, we will explore:

  • Downloading Facebook Videos via Browser
  • Downloading Facebook Videos via Mobile App

Using a Simple URL Method (if you don’t trust third party apps/websites)

Method #1: Download Facebook Videos via Browser

Third party websites are probably the best way to download facebook videos. These websites provide a quick and easy way to download videos and all you have to do is insert the video URL on a website in your browser.

There are many popular helper websites, such as SaveAs, Getfvid, and Fbdown.

This guide will show you how to download facebook videos with the SaveAs website.

Step #1 

Choose the Facebook video that you want to download, right click on it and select “Copy video URL”.

Copy video URL

Step #2

Open the website on your browser, paste the URL link and click the “Go” button.

saveas co

Step #3

Here, you have 2 options to choose from: Download the video in SD or HD quality.

Click “Download the Video in HD” if you want higher quality, but lower downloading speed.

Click “Download the Video in SD” if you want faster speed, but lower quality.

Download video in HD or SD

Step #4

Once your download finishes, click on the upward arrow and select “Show in folder”

download video show in folder

And that’s it — you’ve successfully downloaded a facebook video!

You can open the video file to check it out, and then you can do whatever you want with it.

Note: You can repeat the same process on your mobile phone using internet browsers!

Method #2: Downloading Facebook Videos via Mobile App

Next, we will cover the download process on mobile, using an app called “All in One Video Downloader“.

Step #1

Go to Google Play / App Store and search for the app called “All in One Video Downloader”.

Tap “Install” to install it.

All In One Video Downloader

Step #2

Once installed, open the application and enable access to your storage by tapping “Yes, that’s fine”.

yes,that's fine button

The app will be installed and you will be required to copy a URL to begin downloading the video. To do that, head over to Facebook.

Step #3

Next up, open your Facebook app and find any video that you want to download.

three dots button

Find the three dots button in the upper right corner and tap on it.

copy url link

Tap the “Copy link” option to copy the URL.

Step #4

Open your downloader app and paste the URL there. To paste the URL, tap and hold the screen until the option pops up. Once the link appears, tap “Paste & Download” and the download will start.

paste and download button

note: you may be required to sign in to facebook before the download starts.

Step #5

Swipe down from your menu and wait for the download to finish.

download finished

Step #6

Congratulations — your facebook video is now downloaded and available on your phone!

You can now play/edit/share it as you wish. If you want to transfer your file from mobile to other devices, consider using the internet, USB, or file sharing apps such as SHAREit.

Method #3: Simple URL Method

If you don’t trust third-party websites, apps or extensions… don’t worry! There is another simple way to quickly download facebook videos, and all it takes is just a little URL tweak.

Step #1

Find a Facebook video that you want to download, select the “Show URL” option and copy the link.

show URL option

Step #2

Copy the video to a new browser tab, and replace “www” with “mbasic”, like this:


Step #3

A new page will open, where you have to click on the Play button, and it will open up a new tab.

video in a new tab

Step #4

In the new tab, your video will be completely isolated, and you will be able to download it to your computer by right-clicking and choosing the option to “Save Video As”, as shown below:

save video as

Step #5

Finally, choose the desired location of your file, click “Save” and the download will begin.

save download video

Wait for to download to finish and you can use the video on your computer!

We covered this step earlier, so be sure to refer to that if you get stuck.


And that’s pretty much it. These methods will allow you to download facebook videos with ease, and they are way faster & safer than using things like browser extensions.

Have fun downloading!

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