Transer Files with SHAREit for PC

Transer Files with SHAREit for PC

/ Shayne Sherman

SHAREit is a mobile app that uses revolutionary technology for file sharing, and it is a direct competitor to traditional file-sharing methods such as Bluetooth, USB, or NFC.

SHAreit for PC

What makes it so great is that it’s superior to its predecessors, offering faster speeds than Bluetooth and better safety protocols than USB with its SHAREit Technologies. SHAREit hosts more than 1.5 billion users worldwide and is in the top 10 most downloaded apps on Google Play.

SHAREit is file-sharing software that supports multiplatform use, meaning mobile phone users can enjoy the SHAREit file transfer technology and use other operating systems. The SHAREit file sharing app is compatible with macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows PC.

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Here are the minimum requirements for SHAREit for PC:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Disk Space: 6.15MB
  • Download the Link and the official website:

With SHAREit for PC, you no longer need an active internet connection to share files from one device to another. The only time that you will need an internet connection is when you initially download SHAREit.

With the Direct wifi feature, you can transfer huge files and easily enjoy hassle-free data transfer processes with a simple tap. This means SHAREit for PC eliminates the requirements of all types of cables, Bluetooth connection, and even internet connection to transfer large files.

Additionally, SHAREit also has its file manager feature, making it a less exhausting file transfer process from one device to another. Imagine the ease of transferring a .exe file or audio files from iPad devices to other mobile devices running on a different operating system without losing the original file quality and with no size limit.

The file transfer rates of SHAREit can go as fast as 20MB/s making your file transfer, whether from your mobile phone or SHAREit for PC, a quick and secure process. You can also transfer data to up to five devices in one go.

The data stored in the SHAREit application is secured with its integrated encryption tool for photos and videos. It helps you protect your privacy and prevents unwanted bundled software that may contain viruses.

Although SHAREit is a free program, the application offers additional features when subscribing to its pro version.

Today, you will learn how to download SHAREit free and install and use SHAREit to transfer files with your PC.

How to Download SHAREit

You can safely download the SHAREit for PC .exe file from the official website at

shareit website

Choose your desired operating system (in this case, Windows), and click Download to download SHAREit. Once the file is downloaded, click on it to begin the installation.

SHAREit Installation

From the drop-down menu, choose your operating system, click, and the Download will start.

When you click on it, another window will open to choose where you want to save the installation file on your computer. In this case, we’re using folder Marko on disk (C:)

local disc c

When the Download is finished, click on the little arrow in the image and choose the “Show in folder” option, which will lead you to the setup file.

show in folder

Click on the SHAREit file here, and your installation will begin.

SHAREit app shortcut

A security warning will pop up, asking you to confirm your decision to run the file. This is a standard procedure with Windows, so don’t worry about it and click “Run.”

shareit security warning

There’s another pop-up asking you to allow the app to make changes on your device, and here, you should click “Yes” to proceed.

shareit uac

After you click “Yes,” another window will show up, and you will be asked to read and accept or decline the license agreement. Another standard procedure, and we’re clicking “Accept” here.

shareit agreement

After you accept the license agreement, you will be asked to select the place where you want to save your newly-installed program. Your system will default automatically choose the Program Files folder on disk C, but you can change it if you prefer another disk or folder.

After that, you should click “Next” and check the “Save a desktop shortcut” mark.

SHAREit location

The installation will be complete in no time, and there should be a shortcut to SHAREit on your desktop if you checked that option.

shareit installing screen

Click “Finish” on the last setup wizard pop-up, and the program will launch.

shareit setup finish

Finally, you will be asked to read & accept the privacy policy of SHAREit, another standard procedure, so go ahead and click “Accept” here. And that’s it!

shareit privacy policy

Congratulations — you officially installed SHAREit on your computer. It’s time to use it!

SHAREit Setup

Now that you’ve installed the program, you can finally make use of all its fantastic features. Starting, the program’s interface says that your computer is waiting to be connected to other devices.

SHAREit menu

In the top right corner, we have the menu icon (the notorious “Hamburger” icon with three lines), which you can use to set up things like your name, hotspot password, avatar, and the folder where you want to receive the files.

shareit settings

Just click on the menu and go to Settings to set these things up.

Additionally, you can access “Help,” “About,” and “Feedback” options that can help you navigate the program, and there’s a “Connect to PC” option that you can use to connect two separate PCs.

In most cases, your Hotspot should work fine, and you’re ready to connect the devices.

Hotspot creation not supported.”

In case your hotspot creation is blocked for some reason, you can troubleshoot the issue by doing these things:

  1. Make sure your wifi adapter is on if you’re using a laptop
  2. Next, go to Control Panel, Device Manager, open the Network adapters drop-down menu, right-click on your wifi adapter, and click “Enable.”
enable the network adapter

Your Hotspot should now be working, and if it doesn’t — there’s a good chance you’re using an older PC with no wifi drivers, and that’s why you’re unable to create a hotspot.

Once you’re all set up, you can begin to transfer files across your devices directly! This process is relatively simple, and we’ll guide you through it by using an android phone to connect to our PC and transfer an image.

Sharing Files and Data Transfer with SHAREit

After performing the steps mentioned above, your SHAREit for PC should be good to go, so you should now head over to your other device (mobile phone, tablet, another pc) and download/install SHAREit. In our case, we’re using an android phone so we will download the SHAREit app directly from Google Play:

shareit on playstore

Once SHAREit has been successfully installed, find the app icon on your phone and launch it. The app window will pop up, so go ahead and tap “Start” to get started.

After you tap the “Start” button, set your username and your avatar, as shown below:

shareit setup username

Once the app has been launched, tap on the square icon in the upper right corner of the homepage, and you will find an option to “Connect PC.” We can use this option to connect our phone to our PC.

shareit connect to PC

After clicking on the “Connect to PC,” we will be presented with two options: you can choose whether you would like to search for a mobile hotspot or scan the code from your computer. This is very important; you should have the SHAREit program open on your computer and your phone.

pc search mobile

So, if you choose the option “PC SEARCH MOBILE,” you will be scanning the area, looking for the PC’s Hotspot, and at the same time, selecting an option to search for mobile on your SHAREit for PC.


initializing connection in shareit


shareit connection through computer

However, if you choose the option “SCAN TO CONNECT” on your phone and “Scan QR code to connect” on the SHAREit for PC, then your screens will look like this, and you will have to scan the code to connect the two devices:


qr scan on shareit mobile

SHAREit for PC:

scan qr code from pc

After your devices are connected, you can officially share files between them.

The process here is pretty standard, choose the file you want to transfer, and click on it! The interface is almost identical on both devices, and you will have no issues finding what you need:

shareit share file interface

…and on your phone, it will look something like this:

start share files now in shareit

And that’s pretty much it!

You have officially connected your phone and PC without the internet, and now you can perform a data transfer of any files you want from your phone to your PC. Go ahead and choose the files you wish to transfer; drag and drop the files.

choose file to transfer in shareit

When you send the photo from your phone, it will appear on your Computer screen, stored in the folder you choose in the “Settings” menu during the setup.

photo shared is stored

Well, that’s it.

You are now fully equipped to use SHAREit and its features on your PC. Feel free to use the tool as much as possible, as it’s free. Good luck!

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