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This directory is a comprehensive guide to software that has been identified as containing malware, providing users with the necessary information to make informed decisions about the software they choose to install on their devices. By using this directory, users can protect themselves and their data from the damaging effects of malware.

outobox Icon outobox

This software is a potentially unwanted web browser extension that may modify the user's browser home and search pages in order to deliver search-base... Read more

Developed by Outobox Technologies, Outobox is a web browser extension that functions as a Browser Helper Object (BHO) in Internet Explorer. This exten... Read more

albrechto Icon albrechto

This software is a web browser extension that includes search hijacking and contextual advertising within the user's browser. It achieves this by modi... Read more

According to Yontoo's License Agreement, the Software is supported by various forms of advertising that will appear while using web browsers. These ma... Read more

The software supported by Yontoo's License Agreement may feature various forms of advertising, including but not limited to banner and video ads, in-t... Read more

Epic Colors Icon Epic Colors

The Epic Colors (Color Changer for Facebook) is a browser extension specifically created to customize the appearance of Facebook layouts and colors wi... Read more