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Yontoo, a subsidiary of Sambreel, specializes in developing ad-supported web browser extensions. These extensions are designed to inject and display advertisements within the browser interface.

Publisher URL: https://www.yontoo.com

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Greener Web Icon Greener Web

This adware software, a branded version of the Yontoo adware browser addon, seamlessly integrates itself into popular web browsers such as IE, Chrome,... Read more

ConstaSurf Icon ConstaSurf

ConSurf is a browser extension designed to inject advertising and redirect web searches. It operates as a Browser Helper Object in Internet Explorer a... Read more

Air Globe Icon Air Globe

The software is supported by various forms of advertising that may be displayed as users browse the web. This includes but is not limited to banner an... Read more

Mega Browse Icon Mega Browse

This software includes an adware program that incorporates advertisements from affiliate ad providers to deliver various ad formats such as banners, i... Read more

eye perform Icon eye perform

This software is designed to display advertisements by converting words on webpages into hyperlinks. It also communicates with servers to check for ne... Read more

surf slide Icon surf slide

SurfSlideTide is a browser extension designed to deliver display advertising to users while they browse the web. It showcases ads in the form of banne... Read more

PortalMore Icon PortalMore

PortalMore is a web browser plugin supported by advertising. Read more

allgenius Icon allgenius

allgenius is a browser-based adware program that modifies various browser settings, including the search provider, and injects display ads into the us... Read more

snipsmart Icon snipsmart

Snipsmart is a browser extension designed to deliver targeted advertising to the user's browser on non-affiliated web pages. It injects new ads onto w... Read more

The software is supported by various forms of advertising, such as banner and video ads, in-text ads and links, web browsing-related ads, interstitial... Read more

This software enables ad-supported functionality that converts words on viewed webpages into hyperlinks linked to advertisements, in adherence with Yo... Read more