Easy Fixes to GeForce Now Error Code 0X0000F004

Easy Fixes to GeForce Now Error Code 0X0000F004

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Many users of NVIDIA GeForce Experience are experiencing the 0X0000F004 error code, a phenomenon that happens whenever they try to stream a game using the software. This issue can occur for different reasons, and both Windows and macOS operating systems may encounter it.

Automatically Repair Error Code 0X0000F004

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Common Reasons for Geforce Now an Error Has Occurred

After thorough investigation, we concluded that the GeForce Now Error Code 0X0000F004 can be caused by several reasons. Here is a shortlist of the possible causes of the error message.

  • Underlying Server Issues – This can happen when Nvidia is facing server issues. In addition, the GeForce Now client can run into a problem with the server you’re currently using, or the service itself is malfunctioning.
  • Insufficient Bandwidth – This error happens if you stream using an ISP with limited bandwidth when your download and upload speeds are slow. If you’re connected using Wi-Fi, you can try connecting your device using an ethernet cable.
  • Anti-Virus or Firewall Interference – There are times when your 3rd party AV or firewall will restrict your connection to the GeForce Now servers. This happens especially if your security tends to limit many applications. This can be easily fixed by uninstalling or disabling the protection.
  • Network Administrator Imposed Internet Restrictions – Some networks such as schools, offices, or hotel Wi-Fi restrict connections to certain servers. Many network administrators block GeForce Now because it tends to take up bandwidth especially when streaming.

Here are the possible fixes to each cause:

Underlying Server Issues

Before you start scrambling on performing any troubleshooting steps, it is best to verify if this is the problem by going to GeForce Now’s service status page and do a quick check.

If you spot an issue within the page, then there’s nothing you can do about it except wait for a fix from the developers. If not, then the problem might be happening with your connection or your device.

image 428

Insufficient Bandwidth

It is not advisable to use GeForce now over a wireless connection that is why we suggest switching to a cabled internet connection. GeForce now requires a strong and stable internet connection in which only cabled internet connection can provide.

With a WiFi connection, chances are the signal that goes from your router to your computer might get interfered leading to a poor experience in GeForce Now.

Many users who have encountered this problem agree that using a wired connection fixed their streaming issues. After connecting your PC or macOS, try launching GeForce Now and confirm if you can stream normally.

If you are still experiencing the GeForce Now Error Code 0X0000F004 after switching to a wired connection, then continue on with the next fix.

image 429

Anti-Virus or Firewall Interference

Like the previous step, many users tend to run into issues with their firewall or 3rd party suites when streaming using GeForce Now. If you do use one, try disabling your protection, then launch GeForce Now.

However, some firewall suites tend to continue to block the connection. If this happens, delete the security suite and clean your device of any leftover files. 

One of the most common free anti-virus tools that Windows Operating Users is the Windows Security/Defender. Although it is a free anti-virus tool from Microsoft, it is fairly effective. Effective to the point when it quarantines even legitimate files such as GeForce Now.

Follow these steps in order for you to exclude GeForce Now from being scanned and quarantined by Windows Defender:

  1. Open Windows Defender by clicking on the Windows button and type “Windows Security” and press “enter”.
image 431
  1. Under the “Virus & Threat Protection Settings” click on the “Manage Settings”.
image 432
  1. Click on “Add or Remove Exclusions” under Exclusions
image 433
  1. Click on “add an exclusion” and select “Folder”. Choose the “NVIDIA Corporation” folder and click “select folder”
image 435

Once the NVIDIA Corporation folder has been excluded from scans and quarantine in Windows Defender, open up GeForce now and check if the issue has been fixed.

Network Administrator Imposed Internet Restrictions

Some networks like school, work, or hotel Wi-Fi restrict connections to certain servers. Many network administrators block GeForce Now because it tends to take up bandwidth.

This is something that you cannot control, thus we suggest to try connecting to another network, like your home or somewhere else that doesn’t restrict GeForce Now. After, try launching the service and see if it works. 

Our Final Words

GeForce Now is highly dependent on strong and stable internet connection from your network. Just like what is stated in their Internet Requirements, GeForce Now requires at least 15Mbps for you to stream a game at 720p and at least 25Mbps to stream games at 1080p. To know more about their requirements, click here.

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