8 Ways To Fix GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003

8 Ways To Fix GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003

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Gamers and designers rely on NVIDIA graphics cards and the GeForce Experience to deliver high-quality visuals at high frame rates especially on Windows 10 computers. It is a critical computer application that allows your PC to perform at its best at all times. Unfortunately, there are times when you will meet errors such as the GeForce Experience error code 0x0003.

geforce 25

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Reasons Causing NVIDIA Experience Error Code 0x0003

There are several reasons why you may come across NVIDIA Experience Error Code 0x0003. Multiple users have experienced this error and experts have zeroed in on several reasons. Depending on the exact error message you see here are some of the reasons:

  • Corrupted Nvidia driver – Using outdated or corrupted drivers will soon cause errors especially the GeForce Experience error code 0x0003. For outdated drivers, you can download and install latest version of the drivers. On the other hand, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the all NVIDIA Component drivers as well.
  • Nvidia Telemetry is not interacting with the desktop – Sometimes this error can’t happen when the Nvidia Telemetry Container was not set up to interact with the desktop. This error can be fixed by simply allowing the utility to interact.
  • Issues with Your Network adapter – This error message can also be problematic when your Network adapter is not working correctly. You can fix the GeForce Experience error code 0x0003 by performing a Winsock reset aka a comms reinstall.
  • Parts of Nvidia Services are not running – There are several NVIDIA services that you may need to check if they are operating correctly. You need to review NVIDIA Display Service, NVIDIA Local System Container, NVIDIA Network Service Container and other NVIDIA services. You can fix this issue by force starting these services.
  • Windows update causes issues with your GPU driver – Updating your Windows is crucial to ensure your PC performs at its best always. Unfortunately, some users experience this error after they updated their PCs. This issue can be resolved by uninstalling the NVIDIA drivers and reinstalling the latest version.  

The main reason why you want to have Geforce Experience on your computer is how it can improve its performance. Typically, this software will download install the latest graphics card drivers automatically. If you tried opening your NVIDIA GeForce Experience and it failed to open flashing a GeForce Experience error code 0x0003 do not panic, the methods we have listed below will help you enjoy your PC again in no time.

Method 1: Stop all NVIDIA processes

The easiest fix for an NVIDIA Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003 is to restart all the processes of NVIDIA GeForce Experience. This is relatively simple and will work the majority of the time. After all, even if you start by contacting any customer support, you will be initially asked if you have performed a reboot.

  1. On your keyboard hit CTRL+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.
  2. Highlight all NVIDIA process applications and click End Task.
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  1. Close out the Task Manager and restart your computer and confirm if the error code 0x0003 has already been fixed.

Step 3:

Open NVIDIA GeForce Experience and see if the problem is fixed or if you are still able to launch GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003.

Method 2: Use Third Party System Repair Tool (RESTORO)

Restoro is a program that will try to analyze your computer and automatically repairs issues on your PC that may cause NVIDIA GeForce Experience to encounter errors such as the GeForce Experience error code 0x0003.

Follow the steps below on how to download and use Restoro on your computer.

NOTE: These steps will require you to temporarily deactivate your anti-virus to prevent it from interfering with Restoro.

Step 1:

Download and Install Restoro for free


Step 2:

Accept the license terms agreement by checking the “I Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy” to continue.

Step 3:

After installing restoro, it will automatically scan your computer for the first time.

geforce 27

Step 4:

You can view the details of the scan by expanding the “Details” tab.

Step 5:

To fix the issues found, expand the “Recommendation” tab and choose between “Clean” and “Ignore”

Step 6:

Click on “Clean Now” at the bottom part of the program to begin fixing the issue. Restart the computer and check if the GeForce Experience error code 0x0003 has already been fixed.

Method 3 – Install the latest Graphics driver manually

A corrupted GPU driver can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics driver especially in Windows 10. Make sure to download only the latest version for your driver before reinstalling.

  1. Press Windows on your keyboard and press the letter “R” to open the run command line.
  2. Then, type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter to open the Programs and Features screen.
  3. Type appwiz.cpl and Press Enter to Open Installed Programs List.
appwiz cpl
  1. Inside the Programs and Features screen, locate every installation published by Nvidia and right-click Uninstall.
geforce 29
  1. Follow the on-screen prompts to remove the driver from your PC.
  2. Once all NVIDIA products are uninstalled, reboot your PC.
  3. Once you start your PC again, go to this link to get the latest drivers for your GPU model version.
  4. Download the latest NVIDIA driver. Follow the installation guide and see if the issue is resolved. Before opening any NVIDIA services, try rebooting your PC and then launch GeForce Experience.

Method 4 – Allow the Nvidia Telemetry container to interact with your desktop

When the Nvidia Telemetry service is not allowed to interact with the desktop can cause issues. Fix this issue by doing the steps below:

  1. Access the Run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R.
  2. Then, type “services.msc” hit Enter to open up the Services Screen. If asked for administrative access press yes.
Services msc
  1. Inside the Services screen, locate Nividia Telemetry Container. Right-click and choose Properties.
geforce 30
  1. In the window, choose Log On tab. Check the box associated with Allow service to interact with the desktop. Hit Apply to save the changes.
geforce 31

Go back to the previous screen with the list of services. Locate right-click on the following NVIDIA services and click on Start to ensure that all of them are running:

geforce 32
  • Nvidia Display Service
  • Nvidia Local System Container
  • Nvidia Network Service Container

When every NVIDA services are running, reboot your PC and see if the issue is fixed.

Method 5 – Reset the Network Adapter

Your Network Adapter malfunctioning will cause errors with your NVIDIA experience. Fix the Error Code 0x0003 by resetting your network adapter in the Command prompt.

  1. Open the Run dialog box by holding down Windows+R keys.
  2. Next, type cmd and hold down Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys to allow the Command prompt to run as administrator.
image 199
  1. In the command prompt window, type in netsh winsock reset, and hit the Enter key.
image 200
  1. Once the reset has been successfully completed, restart your PC.

Method 6 – Check for Any Updates Available

Sometimes you may be using outdated drivers which conflicts with your NVIDIA GeForce Experience. It is advisable to check the windows updates.

  1. Press Windows on your keyboard and press “R” to bring up the run line command and type in “control update” and press enter.
image 201
  1. Click on “Check for Updates” in the Windows Update window. If there are no updates available then you should get a message saying “You’re Up to Date”
image 202
  1. If the Windows Update Tool finds a new update, let it install it and wait for it to complete. You may be required to restart your computer in order for it to install.
image 203

Method 7 – Clean the Installation of NVIDIA Driver

If none of the methods above fixed your solution, you may have corrupted files and a driver somewhere in your PC.

  1. To open the Run dialog box in Windows 10, press Windows key + R.
  2. Next, type “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter. This will open the Programs and Features screen.
appwiz cpl
  1. Inside the window, click on Publisher to order every installed application by their publisher.
  2. Right-click on the GeForce Experience app and choose Uninstall.
  3. Then, repeat this process with every item published by Nvidia Corporation from this list. It’s pretty easy to see as the NVIDIA logo can be easily noticed.
geforce 29
  1. Once all these components are fixed, you can restart your PC and launch your preferred browser.
  2. Check out this link and download the latest drivers of your GeForce Experience using your preferred browser.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to download.
  4. Right-click on set-up and click on Run as administer.
  5. Choose “Nvidia graphics driver and GeForce experience” and pick “Custom Installation”.
  6. Check the “Perform a clean install”.
geforce 34
  1. Proceed to install the GeForce experience driver using the freshly installed installer file that you downloaded.

Note: During the installation of the NVIDIA drivers, your screen might flicker or go black so don’t panic if you experience it. Once the installation is complete, the flickering will go away.

  1. If you think something went wrong, try rebooting your PC and launch the installer file once again.

Method 8 – Create a New User Account

If all of the fixes above still did not work, you can try to create a new user account with administrative privileges in Windows 10. Be sure to do this once you delete all NVIDIA applications and drivers related to it. Once you reinstall be sure to use your new account and start downloading the NVIDIA Applications that you have removed in your previous account. In this way, you are starting fresh from a new account minimizing the chance of getting the same issues.

Final Thoughts

If you have followed all of the methods here and are still encountering errors, then it could mean that your problem could be caused by something on the manufacturer’s side. Luckily, this error is not normally caused by a hardware failure so don’t worry, you aren’t going to have to replace your graphics card because of this issue.

NVIDIA Corporation has a great level of customer service, get in touch with one of the team and they will quickly find out what is wrong and send you instructions on how to fix it. Click here to contact their customer service to interact and report the error directly to NVIDIA.

Hopefully, you have found this guide on how to fix GeForce Experience error code 0x0003 helpful. If so, share this guide to your friends and family to help them out just in case something went wrong with their machines.

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