DU Recorder for PC: How to Download, Install, and Use

DU Recorder for PC: How to Download, Install, and Use

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DU Recorder for PC is a screen recording app that enables you to record and edit your screen recording video. Using DU Recorder for PC means you can record live videos, games, work, or whatever you need from your PC.

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DU Recorder for PC Features

This high-quality screen recorder comes with unique features.

  • Easy to use and available for download on PC, MAC, and Android.
  • Allow single-click recording
  • Free for all device
  • The interface allows more than 20 languages
  • Enables recording of any video and audio
  • Supports live streaming program on social media

DU Recorder Installation for PC

Installing DU Recorder is pretty straightforward. Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to sharing your screen.

  1. With your preferred browser, go to the official website of DU Recorder and select DU Recorder for Windows.
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2. Once the installer file has been downloaded, open the file and install DU Recorder.

image 95
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3. Once the installation is complete, you can click on “Finish,” and it will automatically launch DU Recorder.

image 96

DU Recorder Installation for PC Prerequisites (For Android Recording)

If you want to use your computer to use Android applications, you will need to have an Android Emulator such as BlueStacks on your computer. Although BlueStacks is focused on providing the best gaming experience, you can essentially install any Android app on it, such as DU Recorder.

To ensure that you won’t have any problems with installing BlueStacks and Du Recorder, you have to ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for BlueStacks. Click here to read the complete list of the minimum and recommended system requirements for BlueStacks.

Let’s start with the installation process if your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

BlueStacks Android Emulator Installation

  1. Using your preferred browser, go to the official website of BlueStacks and click the “Download BlueStacks” button on the homepage.
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2. Once the installer file has been downloaded, open the file and click “Install Now.”

image 85

3. Wait for the installation to complete, and it will automatically open BlueStacks for you.

Installing DU Recorder for PC (with BlueStacks)

Now that you already have the BlueStacks Android emulator installed on your computer let’s install DU Recorder in BlueStacks. There are two ways that you can perform to install DU Recorder; let’s go through both of them.

First Method – Download and Install DU Recorder Through the Google Play Store

Like any other Android device, BlueStacks also has the Google Play Store Pre-installed. All you need to do is sign in to your account, and you can start downloading Android Apps through the Play Store.

  1. Open BlueStacks on your computer and complete the sign-in process.
image 87

2. Once you have completed the Play Store sign-in process, you can search for DU Recorder in the search bar in the Play Store.

image 88

3. Install DU Recorder as usual and wait for it to finish.

image 89

4. Once the installation is complete, you can start using DU Recorder.

image 90

Second Method – Download the DU Recorder APK

You can use this method if you want to skip the Play Store sign-in process.

  1. Go to DU Recorder’s official website and download the APK file using your preferred browser.
image 91

2. Once the download is finished, open the APK file, which will automatically install in BlueStacks.

image 92

DU Recorder for PC Features

Once the DU Recorder for PC installation is completed, you can see a small icon on the top right corner of your BlueStacks screen. Unfortunately, DU Recorder cannot record internal audio, and you will be able to record desktop screen video and webcam using external audio only.

  1. Open DU Recorder for PC. Click on the Settings option. You can customize features like FPS, video quality, location, and other screen record settings in the settings.
image 97
  1. Click the Record icon to record with DU Recorder for PC.
image 98
  1. For the live stream option, scroll down and enable Live Creator in the Settings section.
  2. Select the DU live stream platform from Facebook or YouTube.
  3. Type the title for DU Recorder for PC live stream. Then choose Start to begin your live stream.
image 99

There is a range of reasons why you may want to record your screen. The DU Recorder for PC is a great and easy-to-use tool that will allow you to record anything you do on your screen.

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