Advanced System Repair Pro Review 2023

Advanced System Repair Pro Review 2023

/ James Masterson
  • Advanced System Repair Pro has proven to be one of the best system optimizers in the software industry. Your PC can be scanned, fixed, cleaned, optimized, and protected from malicious threats and malware.
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advanced system repair pro review

The hard truth is that all computers slow down over time. They do; software gets bloated, hardware becomes slower, and hard drives wear out.

Windows has limitations, but the good news is that you don’t have to live with slow computers and software.

And this is where specialized system optimization tool like Advanced System Repair Pro is of immense help.

Advanced system repair pro is the ultimate software that quickly fixes issues such as PC freezing, slow computer, blue screen error, application crashes, and other common computer errors. 

Furthermore, the program is also helpful for users who want to speed up their devices. It can help remove junk files, clean unnecessary registry entries, remove bloatware, fix startup programs, and clean up Internet tracks.

How Does Advanced System Repair Pro Work?

advanced system repair pro main

It has a plethora of features, and all of them are designed to help you get rid of annoying computer problems such as:

  • Registry cleaner removes old and redundant registry entries
  • Startup Optimizer speed-up boot times by analyzing and tweaking your PC system settings
  • Privacy Cleaner with the ability to delete private browser data
  • Stopped unwanted processes while alerting you to processes that consume a lot of system resources
  • Junk cleaner removes add-ons and toolbars that have unknowingly attached themselves to your web browser
  • It is an easy-to-use Defragmenter Tool that improves hard drive performance
  • Optimize your Windows session with the System Optimizer
  • The ability to remove junk files from your system to free up hard drive space
  • Detection and removal of viruses and Trojans from your computer
  • Your computer can be scanned, detected, and repaired for corrupted files
  • Security holes can be identified and fixed
  • Malware removal and clean-up
  • Thoroughly uninstall applications and programs installed

It has an intuitive interface and is relatively easy to use, so even a novice computer user can operate it like a pro.

The software provides you with a scanner that scans the entire machine. Its performance optimization tools are also a great feature when you can’t pinpoint the issue but face slow system issues. 

It works as an anti-malware software to help remove various malware — including spyware, adware, unwanted programs, Trojan horses, viruses, worms, and rootkits.

Its advanced system repair has a very cool feature — it reverses the damage that viruses, spyware, and other malicious software cause to your Windows OS. It returns your computer to its original state.

It repairs the damage to your Windows OS and restores your PC to its original state, removing unwanted data.

What Windows Issues Can Advanced System Repair Pro Address?

Windows users often complain about slow computer performance, system crashes, and other problems. This program is not just finding the root cause of the issue but is designed to fix them, and it analyzes the cause of these problems by various system utilities and repairs factors.

Fix the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

If you’ve been using Windows long enough, you must have encountered this problem at least once – a blue screen error.

BSoDs are a severe problem; they cause significant headaches and can even render the systems unbootable. Even modern versions of Windows are vulnerable to them. Because the current generation of computers is so susceptible to software errors, BSoDs are probably the most widespread computer error in the world.


It’s tempting to think that BSoDs are due to hardware problems. After all, a hardware problem would go away when the hardware was fixed. But BSoDs are caused mainly by software errors rather than hardware.

How can Advanced System Repair Pro Pro help?

When we run an advanced system repair pro scan, it will scan all of your system files and find any issue that’s the reason for the blue screen error. If the error is due to a software issue, an advanced system repair pro fixes it. If the problem is due to a hardware component, the program informs you about it.

Removes Viruses

You may wonder why your software frequently crashes or your system loads too slowly. This may be due to virus damage.

When a program infected with a virus runs, the virus copies into your computer’s RAM, which is the computer’s short-term memory. When the infected program next runs, the virus is copied onto your computer’s hard drive, which is the computer’s long-term memory.

Malware Results UPDATED

This would mean a virus can corrupt your entire system from behind while you won’t know a thing!

Some self-replicating viruses copy themselves into the hard disk on each run of the infected program — thereby increasing in magnitude and causing more damage.

How can Advanced System Repair Pro help?

Unlike an antivirus program that detects and prevents such viruses from residing on your computer, it diagnoses and removes the virus once it has infected your Windows. 

Its scan will first identify the locations of the virus, remove them, identify the corrupted files, replace them with healthy ones and reboot your system.

Clean the Windows Registry

The Windows registry is an information database that tracks configuration settings, system options, installed applications, and data for all Microsoft Windows operating systems. The registry stores this information in files, and this format allows the registry to be searched, edited, and modified.


And when this registry is corrupted, you start to notice some files that can’t be opened or are absent. The registry can become corrupt for a variety of reasons:

  • Running applications that delete files or folders
  • virus or worm infection
  • Hardware problems that corrupt disk drives

How can this software help?

Instead of finding the problem, advanced system repair pro — in a single click — scans the Windows Registry, cleans it, and solves any performance issues.

Repairs Windows Errors

Windows errors are the most complicated things to come across. They pop up out of nowhere — often when you’re in the middle of doing something important. 

They’re also frustrating because Windows doesn’t tell you what happened. Not right away. To get an answer, you must determine what happened by researching the hexadecimal code displayed to find the root cause.

corrupt system files

Some errors can cause your computer to crash or freeze, but the system may function normally after restarting. However, some Windows errors, such as those related to device drivers, can cause your computer to run slowly. Windows errors may also occur because of specific problems with programs or programs you are interacting with. 

But it can be a pain when you don’t know if a virus is causing an error, a memory issue, or other OS error. 

How can Advanced System Repair Pro help?

Its key feature is that it runs a deep scan of all your Windows files, finds the reason behind the errors, and helps you fix issues with a single click.

Resolve DLL Errors

You’ve probably heard a lot about DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files, and they’re the shared libraries that are often the source of common computer problems.

But what exactly is a DLL file? 

A DLL file is software that looks to the DLL file for instructions when a program needs a specific component. DLL files are shared among programs; a program can usually access all DLL files it needs. However, if a DLL file is corrupt, the program that uses it can run into problems.

When you get a DLL error message, it indicates that a DLL file has become corrupt. Corrupt DLL files aren’t always a problem, however. Most DLL errors are caused by damaged or incorrectly installed components or by the programs themselves. And sometimes, it can be caused by viruses.

And there’s one more DLL error — the missing DLL.

How can this software help?

It deals with DLL errors, replacing the missing or damaged DLLs with fresh ones. 

Please note that it can do this for all the DLL files that default with Windows but not the ones you’ve downloaded to your system.

How Much Does Advanced System Repair Pro Cost?

It offers a free version that scans your computer to detect problems. But you’d need to pay for the full version license key to fix them.

It costs $39.97 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to Fix Your Operating System with Advanced System Repair Pro?

First, download the software from its official website and install it on your Windows system. Make sure not to go for duplicate or cracked versions on any other site, as this could further complicate your issue and allow more viruses or malware into your system.

You don’t need to set up anything with Advanced System Repair Pro. Once downloaded, advanced system repair pro will automatically start its scan.

Complete Scan Summary

The program compiles the information about your system at the beginning of the scan. This will include your health check, the condition of your Windows files and other third-party files, and a lot of additional information on the operating system.

Next, advanced system repair pro performs three main types of scans:

  • Hardware scan to identify the issues with RAM or CPU.
  • Stability scan to identify the programs that are often crashing and the reason behind it.
  • Security scan to identify viruses, spyware, malware detection, and other malicious software embedded into the system.

Once the scans are completed (usually about 5 minutes), you’ll see a report of all the problems identified in your Windows system.

If you want to repair all of these issues, you need to click on ‘Start Repairing,’ and the program will take care of the rest.

The average repair time is about an hour, but it depends more on the issues to fix, your RAM speed, your OS configuration, and your internet speed.

Advanced System Repair Pro will deactivate or disable the viruses, malware, and potentially unwanted program present in the system. It will replace your corrupted Windows files with new files from its online database of over 25,000,000 components.

Once the repair is completed, your system will be rebooted back into its healthy condition.

A Few Things to Know About Advanced System Repair Pro

  1. It only works on Windows operating systems from Windows XP and above. 
  2. It cannot be used on other operating systems like Linux or Mac.
  3. It requires a PC with at least 512MB of RAM to ensure the repair process doesn’t take a long time.
  4. You require a high internet speed for it to complete the repair faster.
  5. If a third-party software installed on Windows is harmed by a virus, malware threats, or any other potentially unwanted program, you might need to re-install it after it has been repaired.
  6. It can only restore the Windows files that already exist from the beginning. You’ll need to install the other applications that you downloaded later.
  7. It disables the viruses and stores them in the non-system portions of your operating system. After the Advanced System Repair Pro repair, you’ll need to run an antivirus program to clean your hard disk of all viruses.

The Final Verdict 

It appears to be an easy-to-use software that can be installed easily. Once you have installed the software, it provides detailed information on the health status of your computer — whether or not your PC is running correctly and if there are any hardware issues.

The main benefit of using this excellent software is fixing various problems affecting your computer. It helped improve the computer’s performance and fixed several persistent errors we couldn’t eliminate.


And since the entire system scan takes around 5 minutes, you can run the scans as often as you need in the background to regularly check your system’s status. It also has a full money-back guarantee policy if you aren’t satisfied with the program’s performance.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to shell out huge bucks repairing your PC from a third party, it is the best choice. We recommend you pair it with sound antivirus software to manage all your system threats.

Is Advanced System Repair Pro trustworthy?

Advanced System Repair Pro works well and is safe. It not only speeds up your computer but also cleans the registry. If you are unfamiliar with the registry, it is essentially the database system that your operating system uses to store information about the various Windows settings. This one place houses all the information, from how to execute specific apps to the selected desktop wallpaper.

Advanced System Repair Pro is a fantastic program for keeping your computer clean and running at peak performance. It’s designed for all users and is incredibly effective at ensuring that the registry is clean, eliminating unnecessary files and disk defragmentation; it also removes malware and viruses.

How do I disable advanced system repair pro?

Open the “Uninstall or change a program” window by pressing the “Windows” logo key and “R” keys to bring up the run line command. Type in “appwiz.cpl” and press “enter.” In the “Uninstall or change a program,” look for Advanced System Repair Pro in the program list and click “uninstall,” and click “uninstall” once again to confirm.

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