6 Sure Ways To Solve Minecraft No Sound Issue

6 Sure Ways To Solve Minecraft No Sound Issue

/ Sedfrey Galope

Minecraft is a beloved game by adults and kids alike. According to the platform, in March 2021 alone, they catered to more than 140 million players. As a result, it is not surprising when some players experience errors, such as Minecraft has no sound. In this article, we will look at some of the solutions that you can try to fix this error.

What Causes The Minecraft No Sound Issue?

Most users reported the “Minecraft no sound” error right after they updated their game. While updating to the latest version of any platform is always advisable, sometimes, your current version will clash with game configurations. By changing some of your settings, you should be able to fix this issue.

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Method 1 – Refresh Your Minecraft

Sometimes, Minecraft will suddenly have issues with sound while you are playing your game. Press F3 + S to refresh your game. If it doesn’t work, try F3 + T. Both of these keyboard shortcuts will reload the game. Once the game is reloaded, check if Minecraft is working properly.

Method 2 – Make Sure You Didn’t Mute Minecraft

Sometimes, you can accidentally mute Minecraft. It will help if you make sure this is not the case.

  1. Play any sound on your PC and see if you can hear it clearly. If you are unable to hear anything, move your mouse to the notification area and right-click on the Volume Icon.
  2. Select “Open Volume Mixer”.
  3. Hold and drag the slider under Minecraft and turn up the volume.
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  1. If you still cannot hear a sound from Minecraft, check the audio inside the application itself.
  • Launch Minecraft and Click Options and then Music and Sound for Minecraft V1.13.1 (Java Edition) 
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  • Click Settings and then Audio for Minecraft V1.6.1 (Microsoft Edition)
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  • Carefully check that all of the audio settings are set to 100%.
  • Click Done to save the settings.
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Method 3 – Update Your Audio Driver

Sometimes an outdated or missing audio driver in your PC will cause this problem. To fix the “Minecraft no sound” error, make sure you are using updated drivers.

  1. On your keyboard press Windows Key + R.
  2. In the run dialog box, type devmgmt.msc and click OK.
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  1. In the Device Manager, double click Audio Inputs and Outputs to expand the list.
  2. Next, right-click on your audio device and choose Update Driver.
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  1. In the pop-up window, choose “Search automatically for updated driver”. Follow the instructions to complete the process.
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  1. Restart your Minecraft to see if the problem is fixed.

Method 4 – Change the Sound Settings

Sometimes your computer’s sound settings may disable Minecraft’s sounds. Fix this issue follow the steps:

  1. Open sound settings and then choose the output speaker.
  2. Next, choose the configuration option located at the bottom left side.
  3. Choose the Stereo option and hit the Next button.
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  1. Restart your PC.

Method 5 – Change the MipMap Levels

Mipmapping can lower the texture of your game. As a result, your game texture will be blurred compared to your location. This will result in having problems with your Minecraft sound. This solution is not directly connected to the game, but changing the mipmap level has helped other users fix the problem.

  1. Launch your game and click on Options.
  2. Go to Video Settings.
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  1. Locate the mipmap and move the slider to change the levels.
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  1. Restart your game and see if the level works for you. Check if the sound in Minecraft works.

Method 6 – Reinstall Your Minecraft

If all else fails, you can uninstall and reinstall your Minecraft.

  1. Hold down the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same time then type “appwiz.cpl” in the command line and press “enter”. The Programs and Features window will come up.
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  1. Look for the “Minecraft Launcher” and click “Uninstall/Change”. Follow the prompts to completely remove the program from your computer.
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  1. Download the game from Minecraft’s official website or the Microsoft Store. Follow the installation process.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft no sound is an error that commonly happens after users do an update. That is why it is important to download updated files only from the official website.

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