5 Most Common Discord Errors – List Of Fixes You Can Try

5 Most Common Discord Errors – List Of Fixes You Can Try

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Discord is one of the most popular online tools for connecting with others. While this software was initially created to cater to improving communications in gaming, it has transcended into an all-around tool these days. Discord, a prominent group-chatting app – a Skype for gamers.

Nevertheless, since its launch in 2015, it has catered to more than just the gaming community. Discord boomed in popularity during the pandemic when lockdowns were rampant. According to the platform, they now cater to more than 140 million active users.

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Today, Discord is a preferred communications app, which can be used on PC and mobile. Users can run it in browsers, use a standalone application, or enjoy it on their mobile devices. Furthermore, Discord can be used in the background even when using different software.

The convenience it allows makes this tool one of the most beloved ways to stay connected. In addition, it also offers low-latency voice chats. As a result, users enjoy continuous connection and communication.


Issues When Using Discord

Nonetheless, like any other online application, some users can experience problems using voice connection with Discord. Although very seldom, Discord can stop when attempting to connect to a voice server.

This can be due to various reasons, such as problems with Discord or an ISP issue. Thankfully, while Discord sounds and looks techy and sophisticated, you don’t need deep technical knowledge to fix common issues.

For example, if you cannot enjoy a steady voice connection, here are some steps you can take.

  • Reboot your device.
  • Reboot your router.
  • Check your firewall; you must make sure your Discord app is whitelisted.
  • Update the Discord app.
  • Discord may be restricted to specific networks such as schools, colleges, and company networks. Check with your network admin to be sure.

If you are getting stuck on the main screen, here are some further steps.

  • Check your device’s date and time.
  • Scan your computer for viruses or malware.

However, if you continue to experience issues with your Discord, it might be due to your slow internet. Try switching to a different connection to see if the issue persists.

In addition to the issues shared above, we have compiled additional fixes to Discord errors. You can find detailed solutions in the links included.

  • Discord is Crashing – Discord crashes due to a variety of reasons. For example, when you are using an outdated client or when hardware acceleration is on. Still, the most common reason for Discord crashing is problems with Discord’s installation files.
  • Unable to Hear Anyone – Another common issue is when users cannot hear anyone, even when their headphones work perfectly well with other applications. Sometimes, you only need to toggle on some settings on the application. However, another common reason for this error is hardware compatibility.
  • Microphone Not Working – Most of the time, using outdated or corrupted Discord installation files causes this issue. Poor internet connection, incorrect microphone settings, and mismatched input sensitivity can also contribute to this issue.
  • No Sound on Discord Stream – The screen share feature on Discord doesn’t always go as smoothly as expected. Discord can sometimes fail when you least expect it – when you are streaming! Most of the time, rebooting your Discord app or PC will magically remove the issue. Check out the 8 ways to fix a no sound on Discord Stream error.
  • Discord is Lagging or Freezing – You might think that with a quarter of billion users every month, Discord will most likely lag from time to time. However, the tool is constantly updated and hosted on some of the most powerful servers on the Internet. We have created seven amazing fixes when you experience lagging or freezing Discord.


Discord developers continue to work hard to improve the user experience. As you might expect, using your Discord client should go smoothly most of the time. However, there will be times when you will encounter specific errors. Check out our dedicated section for Discord issues to learn more about Discord errors and their fixes.

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