Fix Discord Stuck in RTC Connecting

Fix Discord Stuck in RTC Connecting

/ Shayne Sherman

The ‘RTC Connecting’ message on Discord is a normal message that users see when they try to join a voice channel on the platform. Depending on the quality of your connection, this message may appear for several seconds.

However, if the ‘RTC Connecting’ message stays on for more than a minute, there is something wrong with Discord or your computer.

RTC Connecting

A slow or unstable network connection usually causes Discord to get stuck in the ‘RTC Connecting’ message. It is also possible that Discord’s services are unavailable at the moment or some files on your computer are corrupt.

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Today, we will show you the best methods for fixing Discord if it’s stuck in the ‘RTC Connecting’ message. Check out this post if your Discord issue involves it not starting up correctly.

Fix 1: Restart Discord

The easiest way to fix this error on Discord is to restart the app on your computer. Doing this allows the app to re-initialize its resources and remove any temporary bugs that may have occurred when you joined a voice channel.

Follow the steps below to restart Discord on your computer:

  1. First, press the Windows Key + X on your keyboard to open the Quick Access Menu.
  2. Click on the Task Manager to launch it and go to the Processes tab.
Task Manager

3. Now, find Discord from the list of programs running on your system.

4. Lastly, click on Discord and hit the End Task button to stop it from running.

End Discord Task

Try joining another voice channel after restarting Discord to check if the problem is solved.

Fix 2: Restart Your Computer

Your network adapters or drivers may have encountered a temporary error, which causes instability to your network connection. This makes it difficult for Discord or any application to communicate with their respective servers.

To fix this, restart your computer to reload your system resources and drivers:

  1. Click on the Windows icon on the bottom left corner of your display to access the Start Menu.
  2. Now, click on the Power button and select Restart.
Restart Computer

3. Wait for your operating system to reboot, which may take several seconds.

Go back to Discord afterwards and check if the app would still get stuck on the ‘RTC Connecting’ message.

Fix 3: Change Your DNS

DNS server is the phonebook of the internet, which converts domain names to the IP address of servers and websites. Without this, we’ll be forced to enter complex numbers on URL boxes instead of simple website names like or

If Discord is stuck on the ‘RTC Connecting’ message, your ISP’s default DNS may be unavailable at the moment.

To fix this, follow the steps below to change your DNS:

  1. First, press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to access the Run Command Box.
  2. Type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter to access your Network Connections.
"ncpa.pcl" on Run Command Box

3. Right-click on your current network and select Properties.

Network Properties

4. Now, double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select ‘Use the Following DNS server address’.

5. Enter the following DNS and save the changes afterwards:

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:
DNS server address

Once done, go back to Discord and check if the problem is solved.

Fix 4: Reset Your IP Address

After changing your DNS, you should also flush your previous DNS server and reset your IP address.

Follow the steps below to guide you on the process:

  1. Press the Windows Key + X on your keyboard and click on Command Prompt (Admin).
Command Prompt (Admin)

2. In the Command Prompt, enter the following lines one by one:

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /all
  • ipconfig / release
  • ipconfig /renew
"ipconfig /flushdns"

3. Once done, close the Command Prompt and restart your computer.

Go back to Discord after restarting your system and check if you’ll still see the ‘RTC Connecting’ message.

Fix 5: Change Your Discord Server Region

Discord has several servers available in different regions. If you keep seeing the ‘RTC Connecting’ error when joining a voice channel, make sure that you selected the nearest server for your area.

To do this, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. First, select a Voice Channel you want to join and click on the Gear icon to edit the channel.
Edit Channel

2. Now, click on Overview and find the Region Override tab.

3. Select the nearest server in your location and close the Settings tab afterwards.

Server Location

Try joining your voice channel again to check if the problem is solved.

Fix 6: Turn Off QoS

While this option works well in improving performance on the Discord app and reduces latency on the voice chat, some ISPs or routers may misbehave, resulting in network related problems, as stated on the note located below the QoS Settings on Discord.

If you keep seeing the ‘RTC Connecting’ message on Discord, try turning off QoS and see if the problem goes away.

  1. On Discord’s Settings, click on Voice & Audio.
  2. Now, scroll down and look for Quality of Service.
  3. Lastly, disable this feature on Discord and restart the app.
Disable Quality of Service High Packet Priority

If the problem persists, proceed to the following method below to fix the issue.

Fix 7: Update Your Network Driver

Since this issue is mainly related to network problems, we recommend checking if there are available updates for your network drivers.

Check out the steps below to check if there are updates for your network driver:

  1. First, press the Windows Key + X on your keyboard and click on Device Manager.
Device Manager

2. Click on Network Adapters and select your current Network Driver.

3. Right-click on your Network Driver and select Update Driver.

4. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the latest drivers for your device and restart your system.

Update Network Drivers

Go back to Discord after updating your drivers and check if you will still get stuck on the ‘RTC Connecting’ message when joining a voice channel.

Fix 8: Reinstall Discord

If you still can’t join a voice channel on Discord, try reinstalling the app to ensure that you have a working and updated copy of the program on your computer.

Follow the guide below to reinstall Discord on your PC:

  1. First, open the Control Panel on your computer and click on Uninstall a Program.
Uninstall a Program

2. Locate Discord from the list of programs installed on your system.

3. Right-click on Discord and click on Uninstall to delete the application.

Delete an application

Go to Discord’s official website after uninstalling it to download the installer. Once the app is reinstalled, go back to your account and check if you can now successfully join voice channels.

If the problem persists, try using the web version of Discord in the meantime or visit the Help Center to report the issue to their customer support.

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