How to Remove “Managed By Your Organization” from Chrome

How to Remove “Managed By Your Organization” from Chrome

/ Shayne Sherman

What is “Managed by your organization”?

“Manage by your organization” is a feature on Google Chrome that allows system administrators to manage browsers for users within their organization or company. This is often used on company-issued computers that use Google Chrome as the default browser.

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However, there are times when even regular users see the feature on their browsers. If this is the case, the “Manged by your organization” is controlled by a PUA or potentially unwanted program.

The “Managed by your organization” has policy management features that allow administrators to remotely install extensions on your browser, block access to any website, change your homepage, and even turn off the Print function on Google Chrome.

These policies can also be controlled by browser hijackers that users may have installed unknowingly. One good example of a browser hijacker that can control Chrome’s policies is OptimumSearch.

If the “Manage by your organization” feature is enabled by OptimumSearch, it should be uninstalled immediately from your system to prevent PUAs and other viruses from infiltrating your Computer.

Browser hijackers can also gather your information, geolocation, and other user data. This can be sold to third parties like advertisement companies and cybercriminals to generate revenue from your browsing activities.

How Did “Managed by your organization” Get Installed on my Computer?

“Managed by your organization” is usually bundled with legitimate software and installed automatically. Most of the time, freeware developers incorporate this type of virus and adware to gain revenue from their programs.

PUAs are often hidden under the Custom or Advanced installation option, which most users don’t use. Users who mindlessly install any software on their Computer are mostly the victims of these browser hijackers and potentially unwanted applications.

How to Avoid Installation of PUA?

To keep your system safe, only download programs from legitimate sources like official websites and channels. Avoid downloading applications from direct links or peer-to-peer networks like torrents, third-party downloaders, and other similar tools.

In addition, be sure to use the Advanced or Custom setup when installing a program to detect any potentially unwanted applications bundled with the software installer.

You should also avoid clicking suspicious advertisements on websites that can be a direct link to download PUAs and other viruses.

Automatic Malware Removal Tool:

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Step 1: Install Malware Removal


⦁ After downloading TotalAV, install it on your system by running the .exe file you downloaded.

Step 2: Run the Malware Removal Tool

mby 1.2

⦁ First, open TotalAV from your desktop and wait for it to startup.
⦁ Now, click on Scan Now to run a full system scan.
⦁ Lastly, follow the on-screen prompts to remove malware and other malicious files on your system.

Step 3: Problem Solved

⦁ Go to Google Chrome and check if the “Managed by Your Organization” feature is still enabled.

Manually Remove “Managed by Your Organization”

Step 1: Reset Google Chrome

mby 2.1

⦁ Go to Google Chrome’s settings page again.
⦁ Scroll down and click on Advanced.
⦁ Click on ‘Restore Settings to their Original Defaults.’
⦁ Click the Reset Settings button to proceed.

Step 2: Problem Solved

⦁ Try using Google Chrome and observe if the “Manage by Your Organization” feature will still appear. In Addition, visit a couple of websites and see if Chrome will redirect you to another page.

Remove Unwanted Entries on Registry Editor

Step 1: Navigate to Registry Editor


⦁ Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard.
⦁ Type regedit inside the search box.
⦁ Click on OK to open the Registry Editor.

Step 2: Delete Unwanted Entries

Delete unwanted  entries

⦁ First, navigate “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\.”
⦁ Click on Chromium and delete it from the Registry Editor.
⦁ Go to “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google.”
⦁ Click on Chrome and remove it from the Registry Editor.

Step 3: Delete Group Policy Folders

Delete Group Policy Folders

⦁ First, navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and click on View from the toolbar.
⦁ Click on the checkbox next to Hidden Items inside the Show/Hide tab.
⦁ Select GroupPolicy and GroupPolicyUsers and delete them.

Step 4: Problem Solved

⦁ Restart Google Chrome and check if the “Managed by Your Organization” feature is now turned off. Visit a few websites or search for a random topic to see if Chrome would still redirect you to random pages.

Run GPUPDATE on Command Prompt

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

Command Prompt

⦁ Open the Start Menu and search for Command Prompt.
⦁ Launch CMD as an Administrator.

Step 2: Run the Command

gpupdate /force

⦁ Inside the Command Prompt, type gpupdate /force.
⦁ Hit the Enter key afterward.
⦁ Wait for the process to finish.

Step 3: Problem Solved

⦁ Open Google Chrome again to check if the issue with “Managed by Your Organization” is already fixed.

Remove Unwanted Applications

Step 1: Go to Programs and Features

Programs and Features

⦁ First, open the Start Menu and search for the Control Panel.
⦁ Click on Open.
⦁ Now, click on Programs.
⦁ Lastly, click on Uninstall a Program.

Step 2: Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Uninstalled Unwanted Programs

⦁ Locate any program from the list that you don’t recall installing.
⦁ Now, right-click on the unwanted program.
⦁ Click on Uninstall to remove the program from your system.

Step 3: Problem Solved

⦁ Go back to Google Chrome and see if the “Managed by Your Organization” feature is now disabled.

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