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How to Enable Remote Desktop for Windows 10

Windows Remote Desktop allows one computer to connect to another computer on the same network. The desktop of another computer appears on your computer. You also have control of the mouse, the keyboard, and selected peripherals on the other computer. You have complete control, as if you were sitting at the other computer.

  1. Click Start (Windows Icon), click Settings, and then click System:Open windows 10 settingsWindows 10 system menu
  2. On the window that opens, click the Remote Desktop tab, find the Enable Remote Desktop slide switch, and click on the right side of the switch to change it to “On”. Then close the window (there are no “OK” or “Cancel” buttons on this type of dialog window):Enable Remote desktop
  3. A pop-up window will then appear asking for confirmation that you want to do this.
    Click Confirm:Enable remote desktop confirmation box
    To connect to another computer using Remote Desktop, it is necessary for that computer to have Remote Desktop enabled as well.
    Remote Desktop is not available in some versions of Windows 10. An upgrade may be required, which can be done online.