How to Rectify the 100% Disk Usage Error on a Windows 10 Computer

How to Rectify the 100% Disk Usage Error on a Windows 10 Computer

/ James Masterson

Many users have faced the problem of 100% disk utilization on a Windows 10 computer, indicating that their PC’s disk consumption is 100%. This further leads to issues like an unresponsive and delayed system.

Moreover, sometimes the computer returns to normal after the user restarts it, and sometimes it again shows the same problem. Many users of Windows 10 have reported this issue.

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However, now such people have a reason to rejoice since we have a solution. This article enumerates five ways to fix the issue of 100% disk utilization on your Windows 10 computer. Nevertheless, before we dive into the methods to rectify this issue, let us look at some pointers that can tell you how to identify this problem.

How to identify the 100% disk usage issue

Some symptoms signify your computer might be having a disk usage problem. We’ve listed some tips so that you can identify such issues early on and thus fix the issue quickly.

Open ‘Task Manager’ on your computer, and within it, open the ‘Processes’ or ‘Performance’ tabs. Here, you’ll see that the disk usage is 100%, and this will, in turn, freeze your system until the disk utilization drops 100%.

disk usage in task manager

You’ll also see that the event log in your system will comprise several events, namely Event ID 129, that depicts the disk controller’s resets.

If your Windows 10 computer has slowed down drastically even though only a few programs are open, this might be due to the 100 percent disk usage issue. This makes your computer’s hard drive continually work around 100% and does not leave any extra capacity to execute other tasks, including the regular operating system tasks. It will make your computer unresponsive and very slow.

So, these are the symptoms of the 100% disk consumption problem. If you see any warning signs on your computer, buckle up and rectify the 100% disk utilization issue promptly using the following methods.

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Five ways to fix 100% disk usage on Windows 10

We have listed five ways to help you resolve the 100 percent disk consumption problem on a Windows 10 computer.

Fix #1: Fixing the StorAHCI.sys Driver

Microsoft support claims that the Event ID 129 that indicates the disk manager resets results from various factors. The most common factor for this is that the models of AHCI PCIe (Advanced Host Controller Interface PCI-Express) result in such symptoms on a Windows 10 computer when they are run with the driver of StorAHCI.sys.

Owing to one of the firmware bugs, the SSD (Solid-State Drive) cannot input or output when the mode of MSI (Message Signaled Interrupt) is enabled. This facilitates the storage stack of Windows to reboot the PC after attending to the unresponsive write or read command for some time.

Therefore, to fix the 100% disk utilization issue on your Windows 10 PC, you must disable the MSI mode through the registry before identifying whether the inbox AHCI driver is running, which you can do as follows:

Step 1:

Press the ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ buttons simultaneously so that the ‘Run’ box crops up on your computer screen. On it, you need to enter “devmgmt.msc” in the space provided and then click on ‘Enter.’

Step 2:

Within ‘IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers,’ you need to click your mouse’s right button on ‘Standard SATA AHCI Controller’ and click on its ‘Properties.’

Step 3:

Open the tab that says ‘Driver’ and click on the ‘Driver Details’ button on that tab. The inbox driver is running if you notice ‘storahci.sys’ written in the system 32 folder path.

disk driver details

Step 4:

To stop MSI, you need to close the ‘Details’ tab and click on the ‘Details’ tab next to the ‘Driver’ tab. Within this tab, you must choose ‘Device instance path’ from the menu of ‘Property.’ Note the path ‘Value,’ which begins with ‘PCIVEN.’

Step 5:

Now, you must type “regedit” in the ‘Run’ box and then hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. This will run the Registry Editor on your PC.

Step 6:

Go to ‘ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetEnumPCI<AHCI Controller>Device ParametersInterrupt ManagementMessageSignaledInterruptProperties.’ Here, the <AHCI Controller> indicates the ‘Value’ path you noticed above. The <Random Number> will vary for different machines.

Step 7:

Now, click on ‘MSISupported’ and enter 0 in its ‘Value data’ box. Click on ‘OK.’

msisupported configuration

Step 8:

After this, you need to restart your PC and check if this method works for you or not. If not, check out the second method for fixing the 100% disk utilization error.

Fix #2: Changing energy options

You can also change the energy options of your computer. If the energy is ‘Balanced,’ make it ‘High Performance.’ For this, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open the ‘Power Options’ of your PC.

Step 2:

Go to ‘Advanced settings’ from ‘Change plan settings.’

Step 3:

Within this, you need to select ‘High performance’ from the list.

Step 4:

Ensure that all the power plan settings are put on default.

Step 5:

Arrow-right, click ‘OK,’ and you’re done.

high performance in power options

Fix #3: Changing the settings of Skype and Google Chrome

Even Google Chrome and Skype settings can lead to the problem of 100% disk usage in a Windows 10 computer. You can rectify these settings as follows:

Step 1:

Open the ‘Google Chrome’ browser on your PC. Click on the three-dot icon on your computer screen’s top right side. Within this, click on ‘Settings.’ Note that different Chrome versions might have slightly different wording.

Step 2:

Go to the end of this page and click on ‘Advanced.’

Step 3:

Within the first category of ‘Privacy and security,’ you must turn off the option of ‘Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.’

disable prediction service in chrome

Step 4:

Additionally, check that Skype isn’t running on your computer. For this, navigate to ‘C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhone.’

Step 5:

Select ‘Skype.exe’ and right-click on it, then select ‘Properties.’

Step 6:

Click on the ‘Security’ tab and then on ‘Edit’ within this tab.

Step 7:

Click on ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES’ and check the ‘Allow’ box for the ‘Write’ option. Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ to save your changes.

allow app to write

This should resolve the 100% disk consumption error. You can check it in the ‘Task Manager’ to verify it.

The Windows Search option lets you quickly search various folders on your computer. If Windows Search is the reason behind your computer’s 100% disk utilization issue, you should disable it for some time and check if your PC runs speedily.

In case it speeds up, you can stop Windows Search forever. You can also stop it entirely if you don’t use it very often or use a different search app instead. This will discontinue the file indexation system even though you can still use the search function with a longer processing time.

The temporary disabling of the Windows Search option will begin whenever you start your PC again. To disable Windows Search temporarily, do as follows:

Step 1:

Press the ‘Windows’ and ‘X’ buttons together. Choose the option of ‘Command Prompt (Admin).’

Step 2:

Select ‘Yes’ from the ‘User Account Control box on your computer screen.

Step 3:

You need to type in: “net.exe stop Windows search” on the black command window and then press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard.

disable windows search in cmd

Now, check your PC’s performance and disk utilization to see whether it improves. If yes, you can stop Windows Search forever; if not, you can try another method on this list.

When you notice that the 100% disk usage problem is due to your computer’s Windows Search, you can disable it forever. To disable the Windows Search option permanently, you need to do as follows:

Step 1:

Press the ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ buttons concurrently and enter “services.msc.” in the space provided. Then click on ‘OK.’

Step 2:

You should right-click the option of ‘Windows Search’ and then click ‘Properties.’

Step 3:

Within the first ‘General’ tab, choose ‘Disabled’ from the drop-down menu of ‘Startup type.’ After this, click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ to save the changes you made.

disable windows search service

Fix #5: Disable the service of SuperFetch

The SuperFetch service aids in decreasing the start time and increasing the must-load software’s efficacy. Nevertheless, it can also cause a disk performance problem on Windows 10. You can stop this facility as follows:

Step 1:

Press the ‘Windows’ and ‘X’ keys simultaneously on your keyboard. Click on ‘Command Prompt (Admin).’

Step 2:

Select ‘Yes’ from the ‘User Account Control box on your computer screen.

Step 3:

You must type in “net.exe stop superfetch” on the black command window and press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard.

disable superfetch in cmd

Wait for some time and see if your PC’s performance has improved.


So, these are the five ways to help users fix 100% disk utilization issues on their Windows 10 computers. You can try all these methods or start with the first method and stop when any technique works.

How do I fix my hard drive usage at 100 %?

There are various troubleshooting methods that you can perform to reduce your hard drive usage. We have provided the steps of the five most effective and easiest ways to fix this issue in this article. You can try the following methods, all of which are explained in detail:

– Fixing the StorAHCI.sys Driver
– Changing power options
– Changing the settings of Skype and Google Chrome
– Stop Windows Search
– Disable the service of SuperFetch

Why is my disk usage at 100%?

In Windows 10, if your disk use is 100%, Windows 10 itself or several other programs may be to blame. Numerous causes exist, including Windows Superfetch, spyware or viruses, out-of-date drivers, or outdated firmware. Your issue is frequently the result of several underlying problems.

How do I reduce disk usage in Task Manager?

To avoid high disk usage, the easiest thing that you can do is to minimize opening too many files and applications simultaneously. We strongly suggest running a virus scan, as a virus infection can also cause high disk usage in Task Manager.

Will SSD solve 100 disk usage?

Yes, SSD lowers your computer’s excessive disk consumption. Modern operating systems such as Windows 10 and Windows 11 hardly use all of the storage space on a solid-state disk. However, you must always use the latest types of SSDs. Reducing disk use might not serve you at all if you use an older SSD.

Can low RAM cause high disk usage?

When your RAM runs low, most operating systems fill the gap by running programs in virtual memory, which copies part of the contents that haven’t been utilized in a while to the hard drive so that the memory can be used for other tasks. When it is required once again, it must be switched back in, and something else must be evicted to make room for it.

When things get terrible, there is so much swapping going on that the disk will be completely busy, and the performance of the system as a whole will slow down to a crawl. Of course, the user is in a horrible predicament in this. The pressure can be reduced relatively quickly by adding extra RAM.

Does 100 disk cause lag?

Most individuals who use Windows have probably encountered a problem in which the task manager reports that their disk use is at 100 percent, which causes the system to be unresponsive or sluggish. This issue, which will affect both the hard disks and the solid-state drives, might be caused by the loaded condition of the applications running on the computer.

Does adding RAM fix 100 disk usage?

Although it won’t completely solve the disk consumption issue, it will reduce it. You might reduce it by generating a pagefile with a fixed size of 8192MB or more. Your best bet to fixing this issue is upgrading your disk size or performing the steps we highlighted in our article.

Why is my PC using disk instead of RAM?

One of two things can happen when the System and compressed memory process use up to 100% of your disk space: either you fiddled with your virtual memory configurations and changed the paging file size from Automatic to a specified value, or the System and compressed memory process is just out of control. The good news is that this problem can quickly be resolved by Windows 10 users who are affected. We wouldn’t advise adding more physical memory if this process is the only one causing the increase in Disk Usage.

How do I stop 100 disk usage while gaming?

Storage media can affect the performance of a game. Since a game’s performance may suffer if the hard drive cannot keep up with the increased demands placed on it by its frequent access to data stored on external storage, utilizing an SSD instead of an HDD is advised.

If you have this High Disk Usage while playing games, take the following actions:
– Close unnecessary apps and programs when playing games.
– Run a virus scan
– Disable Superfetch/Sysmain Service
– Disable Windows Search Indexer
– Run a CHKDSK Scan

Why is my disk usage so high?

Your disk has been used to its total capacity if it is at 100 percent capacity. One illustration is when a task fills up the disk. Every hard drive has an impressive read/write speed ranging from 100 to 150 Mbps. 100% of the disk is used if the read/write speed exceeds 100-150 Mbps.

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