How to Fix Logitech G Hub Not Loading – Stuck on Screen

How to Fix Logitech G Hub Not Loading – Stuck on Screen

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Logitech G Hub is essential for gamers who want to customize their Logitech peripherals. However, sometimes users encounter a problem where the G Hub software fails to load, leaving them stuck on a screen or unable to use their devices properly. This issue can significantly hinder gaming and productivity, causing frustration and wasted time.

This article will explore this problem in depth and provide solutions to help users overcome it. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual user, read on to learn how to fix Logitech G Hub not loading or working properly.

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What Causes Logitech G Hub to Not Open Properly?

Before we delve into the solutions to fix Logitech G Hub not opening, it is important to understand the potential causes of this issue. Here are some of the possible reasons why you may be experiencing this error:

  • Outdated or Corrupted Software: The Logitech G Hub software may not load or work correctly if outdated or corrupted due to an unexpected shutdown or system error.
  • Firewall or Antivirus Settings: Sometimes, your computer’s firewall or antivirus settings may block the G Hub software from accessing the internet or executing necessary functions, resulting in the loading issue.
  • Compatibility Issues: Logitech G Hub is designed to work with specific operating systems and devices. The software may not load or function correctly if a compatibility issue exists.
  • Driver Issues: Missing or outdated drivers for your Logitech peripherals can cause G Hub to fail to load or work correctly.
  • Conflicting Software: Other installed software on your computer, such as other gaming software or device management tools, can conflict with G Hub and prevent it from working properly.
  • Hardware Issues: In rare cases, hardware issues with your Logitech peripherals or computer can prevent G Hub from loading or working as intended.

10 Methods to Solve Logitech G Hub Error

Method 1. Restart the Logitech G Hub Client as an Administrator

Many third-party applications that modify system or hardware settings on the operating system require administrative rights to function properly. Running these applications as administrators is essential to gain the privilege of altering system files. If you’re not running the Logitech G Hub client as an administrator, follow the steps below:

  1. Type “Logitech G HUB” in the Windows Search bar.
  2. Right-click the client icon and select “Run as administrator” > Click Yes.
run logitech ghub as administrator

Method 2. Close the Logitech G Hub Processes in Task Manager

The associated processes may continue running in the background when you close the Logitech G HUB client. To solve this issue, it is necessary to manually terminate the processes by following these steps:

  1. Right-click the Windows Start button and select Task Manager.
  2. Review all running tasks on Task Manager for Logitech G HUB processes.
  3. Identify, then right-click on them, and select “End task.”
end logitech ghub process

You will likely find three processes: LGHUB, LGHUB Agent, and LGHUB Updater. Close them and rerun the client as an administrator. This will restart the recently closed processes, which could resolve the issue.

Method 3. Restart the LGHUB Updater Service

Sometimes, restarting relevant services can resolve issues that users encounter with apps. If restarting the processes does not solve the problem, you can try restarting the LGHUB Updater service by following these steps:

  1. Open the Services app by typing “Services” in the Windows Search bar.
  2. Locate the LGHUB Updater Service.
  3. Right-click on the service and select “Stop” from the context menu.
  4. Once stopped, right-click on each service again and select “Start” this time.
stop lghub updater service

Method 4. Install Logitech Pending Optional Updates

Logitech frequently releases updates marked as optional, meaning Windows will not install them automatically. To resolve issues with the Logitech G HUB client, it is crucial to check whether any optional updates are available and install them.

  1. Right-click on the Windows Start button and select Settings.
  2. Select “Windows Update” > “Advanced options.”
  3. Click on “Optional updates” under “Additional options.”
  4. Check the box for any optional updates from Logitech and click “Download & Install.”

Method 5. Reinstall Logitech G Hub Client

To properly remove the Logitech G HUB client and its files, it is recommended to delete the app and associated folders before reinstalling. To remove the Logitech G HUB client and its files,

1. Hover over the Windows Start button, right-click it >, and select “Apps and Features” from the list of options.

2. In the search box, type “Logitech G HUB.”

3. Once located, click on the three vertical dots beside it > and select “Uninstall.”

uninstall logitech ghub

4. Click “Uninstall” to uninstall the device in the confirmation pop-up.

5. Navigate to the two paths in File Explorer shown below. Delete any folders related to the Logitech G HUB:


C:\Program Files

6. Visit Logitech’s official website to download the latest version and proceed with the installation.

Method 6. Disable Logitech G Hub Automatic Updates

Logitech G Hub may encounter loading issues when it automatically updates itself in the background, causing it to get stuck on the loading screen when you run the program. To fix this issue, you can disable the auto-update feature by following these steps:

  1. Open Logitech G HUB and click the gear icon to access its settings.
  2. In the top-right corner, locate the “Enable Automatic Updates” option beneath the version number.
  3. Uncheck this option to disable auto-updates.
  4. You must manually check for updates by clicking the “Check For Update” button and installing any available updates.

Method 7. Update Device Drivers

In most cases, Windows automatically installs the required device drivers when we connect new devices to our system. However, there can be instances where the correct drivers are not installed, or an outdated device driver is being used, resulting in the Logitech G HUB not working issue. This can lead to missing critical drivers, which can cause further problems.

To avoid such troubles, updating your device drivers regularly is recommended. This can be done manually by visiting the manufacturer’s website and downloading the drivers.

Method 8. Allow Logitech G Hub Through the Firewall 

To access the Windows Defender Firewall settings,

  1. Open the Start menu by pressing the Windows key and S key simultaneously.
  2. Click on the search result to open it > navigate to System and Security and click on Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. In the left pane, select “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.”

Method 9. Create .Bat File in the Ghub Installation Folder

To address the non-loading and stuck on-screen issues in Logitech G Hub, some users have suggested killing processes, which temporarily fixes the problem but reoccurs after restarting the PC. One solution is to create a batch file in the G Hub installation folder with a script that terminates these hub processes and restarts lghub_updater and LGHUB.

  1. Begin by navigating to the GHUB installation folder, usually located at C:\Program Files\LGHUB, and create a file called “Restart GHub.bat.”
  2. Next, open the file in Notepad and copy and paste the following commands:

taskkill /f /im lghub.exe taskkill /f /im lghub_agent.exe taskkill /f /im lghub_updater.exe timeout /t 1 /nobreak >nul start lghub_updater timeout /t 3 /nobreak >nul start lghub

  1. Save the file and run it as an administrator when the not loading or stuck on-screen issues occur to terminate the processes and restart the updater and LGHUB.

Method 10. Scan and Repair Your System

If none of the above solutions work, the issue may lie at the system level, indicating that there may be an incorrect registry value or corrupted critical files. If this is the case, Restoro can be utilized to scan and repair the system.

Restoro is a Windows repair tool designed for professional use that scans your entire system’s status, diagnoses system configuration, identifies faulty system files, and repairs them automatically. It can provide you with entirely fresh system components without reinstalling Windows, all your programs, or losing personal data or settings.

Troubleshooting Logitech G Hub Not Loading Issue – Stuck on Screen

Logitech G Hub not loading or working properly highly affects users who rely on it to customize their Logitech peripherals for gaming or productivity. Fortunately, there are several methods to solve this problem.

While these solutions can effectively resolve the Logitech G Hub loading issue, it’s important to note that there may be other underlying causes beyond this article’s scope. Users may need further assistance from Logitech customer support or a qualified technician if the problem persists.

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