Fixing the Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b) Windows 10 Error

Fixing the Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b) Windows 10 Error

/ Sedfrey Galope

As a Windows 10 user, you may have already encountered the error “The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b)”. This error usually occurs when you try to open an application after installing an update through the Windows update tool.

The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b) occurs when there are files in the program that you are trying to open that are no longer compatible with the current update from Windows.

Getting this error fixed is relatively easy, and we are here to help you resolve it. Today, we have listed the top 5 troubleshooting methods that can quickly fix the Application that was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b).

First Method – Reboot Your Computer

Some Windows updates would require you to reboot for the new updates to be installed officially. By rebooting your computer at first sight of the error, you save a lot of time from fiddling with some settings on your computer.

Second Method – Run the Application with Administrator Privileges

According to some users, they were able to fix the Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b) error by simply running the program as administrator. Follow these steps on how you can start a program with administrator rights.

  1. Right-click on the program shortcut on your desktop and select “Run as Administrator.”
image 95
  1. If you wish to give the application Administrator Privileges permanently, then once again, right-click on the icon and select “Open file location.”
image 96
  1. Look for the executable file in the installation folder and click “Properties.”
image 97
  1. Click on the “Compatibility” tab and put a check on the “Run this program as an administrator.”
image 98
  1. Lastly, click “Apply” and “OK” to confirm the changes. Relaunch the application with the issue and check if the problem has been finally fixed.

Third Method – Install the Latest Microsoft .NET Framework

Another common reason the Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b) error occurs is when you have an outdated .NET Framework installed on your computer. You can easily update it by following these steps:

  1. Using your preferred web browser, go to Microsoft’s .NET Framework download website by clicking here.
image 99
  1. Once you have downloaded the installation file for the latest .NET Framework, continue with the installation and follow the prompts.
image 100
  1. After successfully installing the latest .NET Framework, restart your computer. Once you get your computer back up, open the problematic application to see if the issue has been fixed.

Fourth Method – Reinstall the Problematic Application

Another reason you may experience the Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b) error is that the application itself has corrupted files. If this is the case, you need to uninstall the current application and download and install the latest file installer for the application. You can do that by going to the official website of the application. Once you reinstate the program, check if it has solved the issue.

Fifth Method – Run the Check Disk to fix Errors

Aside from having corrupted or missing application files, disk errors may also cause the Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b) error to appear. Windows has a Check Disk feature that will scan and fix any disk errors that can cause system problems.

  1. Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard and then press “R.” Next, type “cmd” in the run command line. Hold both the “ctrl and shift” keys together and press enter. Click “OK” on the next window to grant administrator permissions.
image 101
  1. Type the “chkdsk C: /f command and hit Enter (C: with the hard drive letter you want to check).
image 102
  1. Wait for the check disk to complete and restart your computer. Once you get your laptop back, launch the problematic application to confirm if this has solved the issue.

Sixth Method – Run the Windows Update Tool

If you are suddenly getting the error “The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b)” without updating, you should try and update your Operating System. You can do this by launching the Windows Update Tool.

By getting the latest updates for your Operating System, you download the latest bug fixes, features, and virus definitions that can fix the error “The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b)” problem.

  1. Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard and press “R” to bring up the run line command type in “control update,” and press enter.
image 103
  1. Click on “Check for Updates” in the Windows Update window. If there are no updates available, you should get a message saying, “You’re Up to Date.”
image 104
  1. If the Windows Update Tool finds a new update, let it install it and wait for it to complete. You may be required to restart your computer for it to install.
image 105

Final Words

If you happen to encounter the Application Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b), you should have it fixed right away. Leaving this error unattended may lead to more issues with your system. If this guide has helped you resolve this issue, do not forget to share this with your friends and family.

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