Top 10 YouTube to Mp3 Converters in 2022

Top 10 YouTube to Mp3 Converters in 2022

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With a YouTube to Mp3 Converter, you can quickly convert your favorite YouTube clips into MP3 audio files. Paste the YouTube video URL and click the button to perform the conversion. You can obtain the MP3 file by following a few easy steps.

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The majority of the programs also offer conversion between different formats. These programs can be utilized from your browser and are simple to use.

Benefits of Using a YouTube to Mp3 Converter

Due to the app’s inability to play music from outside of itself, downloading the movie in Mp3 format will be the most practical choice for listening to music.

Plenty of us would rather listen to an audio file than watch a video on YouTube. It’s simply that finding the time for it could be a little challenging; this has absolutely nothing to do with the clip itself. This is only one of many reasons why people choose to convert Youtube videos to mp3.

The following are some advantages of using the best Youtube Mp3 Converter:


Simply put, converting video from YouTube to an mp3 format allows you to take it everywhere. You can walk around while listening to it and not be a hazard to yourself or others because you won’t have to focus on the video. While your eyes are on the road in front of you, your ears may take in the excerpts of the footage, and you can concentrate on the tunes. 

Saves Storage Space

Consider how much larger a video is than an audio sample. Of course, an mp3 file is far smaller than a YoutTube clip. Easily converting that video clip to mp3 format and storing it will solve the problem of wanting to watch it but not having enough room on your device. This is because an mp3 file will take up significantly lesser capacity than a video file in mp4 format.

Less Bandwidth, Faster Loading Speed

A YouTube video typically takes up a lot of space, drastically slowing down load times. Some pages will take minutes to load, which significantly affects loading speed. Remember that a video requires far more bandwidth than an mp3 file. Converting the file will increase its download speed, making it much easier to play back your preferred segments.

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Better Sound Quality

The sound quality of the video clip someone is considering downloading will almost always be one of the first things cross their mind. Ideally, the rate would remain unchanged even after conversion and download. One can be sure that the converted audio will be of the highest quality by using a good YouTube to Mp3 Converter. This will make it simple for you to enjoy your song while going about your day.

Precautions When Using a Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter

Before you start downloading YouTube Videos with YouTube to Mp3 Converters, there are things that you need to know to avoid getting infected with a virus. Before downloading or converting YouTube videos using a video converter, here are some precautions you should consider.

  • Only download a YouTube converter tool from a legitimate website.
  • Scan your downloaded videos with reliable anti-virus software to ensure they are safe.
  • Be careful with providing your personal information. Some websites ask you to fill out a form when converting YouTube videos.
  • Few programs can search for clips and convert videos right from the tool. With this feature, you should use caution as some tools may download videos violating the law.
  • After installing the tool, keep an eye on your PC to see if it starts acting strangely, even if you haven’t started converting videos. If this is the case, you need to remove the program entirely.
  • Take the time to read the feedback left by previous software users. You will have an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of the tools, which will help you in making a decision regarding which tool to use.

Pros and Cons: Desktop and Online Video Converters

Although both Desktop and Online video converts can download YouTube music and videos with just a video link, there are still some differences between them. Learn their advantages and disadvantages before deciding which to use when you save videos or convert YouTube video clips to Mp3 format.

Online YouTube Video Converter Pros:

Video file types can be converted from one type to another on the internet using online video converters. Let’s look at some of their apparent advantages:

  • Convenient: Most online video downloaders and converters allow you to send the converted media files to anyone via email or share them on social media.
  • Versatile: Online video converters typically offer a wide variety of formats, allowing you to select the one that best matches your video clip’s requirements in design and resolution. You can easily convert YouTube videos without having to download any applications.
  • Accessible to Use: Online video converters are often straightforward applications that don’t require installation to download video files. To use them and save YouTube videos in Mp3 or audio formats, you don’t have to follow any particular instructions or tutorials. You only need the YouTube URL, and you can start downloading YouTube videos.
  • Mostly Free: Most online video downloaders and converters provide free conversion of any video file, and some of the most fundamental capabilities can be used without registering. Knowing which free video converter is safe to use is just a matter of learning.

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Online YouTube Video Converter Cons:

Using an online video converter offers several advantages and some drawbacks. This is especially true for a free version of a YoutTube video downloader and converter.

  • Limited File Size: Most online video converters have a maximum file size restriction on free users, making converting videos more challenging. Large-sized HD videos cannot be converted, not even by registered users.
  • Slow Conversion Speeds: There could be a significant delay in getting your converted video back to you after doing it online. This can become an agonizing ordeal if you have a slow internet connection.
  • Limited Features: Online video converters typically provide a limited set of functions, which means you cannot apply customized settings to generate unique video files. This includes not being able to convert or download multiple videos simultaneously, performing video editing in one place, and downloading videos from other sites besides YouTube.

Desktop YouTube Video Converter Pros:

Desktop video converters are one of the more conventional solutions available when it comes to converting videos. This piece of software is packed with many functions and step-by-step instructions that are simple to understand. You don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of it. Once it’s installed, the rest is simple. Like every technology, desktop video converters have their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s start by going over the advantages listed below:

  • Fully Customizable: Desktop video converters allow you to modify various video output settings, framerate, bitrate, and resolution. In addition, you can configure different audio output settings, including sample rate, channels, bitrate, and so on, to suit your preferred audio quality.
  • Doesn’t Need Internet Connection: Desktop video converters can be used without needing to be connected to the internet at all times. Streaming video isn’t required, and you may readily edit files without an internet connection.
  • Supports Large Files: Video files that are too large to convert on a mobile device or online YouTube video downloader work perfectly with desktop video converters. With various settings, you can ensure that the quality of your big video files is the best.
  • Feature-full: Desktop video converters include all the functionality you need to convert your clips and support the most known video formats, so you do not need to be concerned about the compatibility of your videos. You can simultaneously work on multiple YouTube videos, download unlimited videos, and edit videos.

Desktop YouTube Video Converter Cons:

  • Hardware Dependent: Video converters for desktops need robust hardware. You’ll need a powerful computer with recent specs to handle large video files and produce high-quality results.
  • Complicated: Desktop video converters typically come with an overwhelming number of features and customization options, making learning how to use them challenging for some users. Studying the available materials will take a lot of time before you begin working.
  • FREEMIUM Features: Although desktop video converters provide many helpful functions, some are not free. You must pay a set fee if you like to customize your videos with complex features.

Best YouTube to Mp3 Converter Programs

Now that we have covered everything you need to know about YouTube to Mp3 Converters, let’s discuss the Best YouTube to Mp3 convert you can use to download music. Music videos, extract audio, and quickly download YouTube videos and convert them to Mp3.

YTD Video Downloader

Millions of people worldwide rely on YTD Video Downloader because it is so straightforward. It offers a wide range of functionalities and is routinely updated to integrate new technologies. The YTD Video Downloader interface is easy on the eyes and uncluttered, making it easy to navigate.


Notable Features:

  • Download free videos from 50+ sites
  • Convert Most Video Formats: mp3, mp4, WMV, Flv, MOV, 3gp, avi
  • Watch free videos later on other devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, and many others
  • Integrated video player to watch your videos right away
  • Free video downloader
  • YTD video converter
  • Super easy to use and fast

YTD is a powerful video downloader and converter that works on many platforms. Most people would be satisfied with the free version as it quickly downloads online videos. The premium version is the way to go if you want to avoid being bothered by advertisements and prefer downloading multiple files simultaneously. This is one of the best YouTube to Mp3 Converter software that you can use.

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Wondershare UniConverter

Because of its user-friendly interface and robust features, this software-based converter earns a spot on our shortlist of the best Youtube to Mp3 apps today.

In 2022, you’ll want a converter that can quickly and easily get your files into an editable format. It’s a dependable choice that will serve you well for many years. Videos can be converted and compressed into over a thousand different formats, some of which are MP3, WAV, FLAC, and many others.


Notable Features:

  • Wide Range of Video Conversions
  • Supports Popular Web Formats
  • Support 4K, 8K, and HDR
  • Added Common Format Encoders
  • Smart Recognition
  • Video Merger
  • Task Scheduler

UniConverter 14 allows movie and music fans to convert their files into any of the most common formats, such as converting MOV to MP4, converting AVI to MP4, converting AVI to MOV, converting MP4 to MP3, and so on, without having to worry about any restrictions.


SnapDownloader is an app that lets you save movies from YouTube in MP4 or MP3 format on your Windows or macOS. Apart from YouTube, it supports downloading videos from 900 additional sites, including DailyMotion, Twitter, Facebook, and much more.

SnapDownloader is an excellent program for converting your preferred YouTube videos into audio formats like MP3. This tool makes fast and high-quality video downloads and audio conversions possible. It can also download videos in other resolutions, including 1080p, 720p, 8K, and 4K.


Notable Features:

  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Convert to 10 output formats
  • Save time with One-Click Mode
  • Bulk downloads
  • Download YouTube chapters
  • Schedule downloads
  • Download Private Videos & Audio
  • In-built YouTube search
  • In-built video trimmer
  • Convert videos to GIF
  • Cross-platform support

If you’re looking to quickly and easily turn YouTube videos into MP3s without sacrificing quality, SnapDownloader is an excellent option.

MP3 Studio

MP3Studio is an easy-to-use tool for converting YouTube videos to mp3 files that can also be used to get free multimedia files from other sites. You can effortlessly download videos from different video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook straight to your devices using the downloader tools provided on MP3Studio. You’ll have access to these videos whenever you want with no interruptions.

mp3 studio

Notable Features:

  • Lightning-fast Downloads Devoid of Annoying Data Caps
  • Convert as Much as You Want
  • Secure, Private, and Safety-Conscious
  • Designed for Desktops and Mobile Alike
  • Convert Files into a Slew of Formats
  • Batch Downloading
  • Audio Preview
  • Support for ID3 Tags
  • 1080p Quality

MP3 Studio is one of, if not the most, wonderful applications available for converting your favorite videos from YouTube to MP3 and other formats.


Online videos can be downloaded and converted to MP4 or MP3 format using the Viddly application. Thanks to the built-in search feature, you can quickly locate and store your preferred YouTube Playlist with just one mouse click. One of the best YouTube to MP3 converter programs enables you to download subtitles in any language on YouTube.

  • Fast and light-weight app with built-in search
  • Download 1080p, 4K, and 8K MP4 videos at up to 60 fps
  • Convert YouTube video to HD, UHD, or FUHD video format
  • Download any YouTube Playlist with a single click
  • Convert any video file on your hard drive to all popular file formats
  • Download YouTube subtitles in any language


When you use iTubeGo, you may download videos from YouTube and convert them to several different audio and video formats. It can convert audio files into various formats, including MP3, WAV, and AAC. iTubeGo can convert music and video files into formats appropriate for several gadgets, including the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.


Notable Features:

  • Download Multiple Videos in Bulk
  • Download Videos in Build-in Browser
  • Cut YouTube Videos & Music
  • Download the Full Playlist Effortlessly
  • Download Subtitle From YouTube As SRT
  • Convert Video and Audio Without Any Quality Loss
  • Protect Your Video Privacy
  • 10X Faster Video Download Speed

YTMp3 Video Converter

Millions of people have used YTMp3 for a long time, and it is pretty user-friendly and consistently dependable as a free YouTube downloader. For most people, this is their go-to for speedy downloads from the internet. You may convert and download after rapidly pasting a YouTube URL address, and you’re done at that point.

Audio and video files can be converted with relative ease. The MP3s are produced with excellent quality, a manageable file size, and quickly. Conversion to MP4 is a plus.


Notable Features:

  • Free to use
  • Offers free, unlimited downloads
  • Secured
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-speed conversions
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Mult-device support
  • Automatic download

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Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter provides various tools compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. The videos saved on your computer or downloaded from the internet can be converted with this tool’s free video converter. It can convert videos to many formats, including MP3, among others. There will be no quality loss at all. More than 100 input and 160 output formats are supported.


Notable Features:

  • Batch Video Conversion
  • Fast Conversion Speed
  • Free upgrades and Customer Service
  • Record videos and anything on the screen
  • H.264/HEVC encoder to optimize recording performance
  • Edit & Personalize your Video Files in Clicks
  • Convert your DVD, CD, and video to any format for personal use
  • Convert media files to DVD with a menu


An internet program called YouTubetoMp3 allows users to download and convert YouTube videos. You can select the MP3 quality. You need to click the button after pasting the link, making it very simple. The file is available for download after conversion and is accessible for free forever—no need to sign up. There is no need to install any program.

avc 2

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Built-in YouTube video browser
  • Easy-to-navigate interface

WinX Video Converter

WinX HD Video Converter features fast conversion speeds as it relies on your computer’s GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. It is also capable of functioning as a downloader and resizer. It supports sites like Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. You can download online videos in Mp4 and Mp3 formats.

winx video converter
  • Support up to 4K/8K Video Resolution
  • Make & Upload Photo Slideshow with Music
  • Built-in video editor
  • Compress 4K/HD videos without losing quality
  • Convert any video format with quality & speed balanced


Freemake is a well-known program that is used by more than 90 million individuals all over the world. It can edit, convert, and extract particular segments from videos for your purpose. The quality of the videos stored here receives almost all the attention it deserves.


Notable Features:

  • Free to use
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Allows downloads from several websites
  • Built-in video editor
  • It lets you download subtitles together with the video
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Final Words

A large selection of YouTube to MP3 converters can be found on the market nowadays, making it challenging to pick just one. We suggest following our guidelines and safety precautions when deciding which tool to use.

Suppose you want to use the best app to convert Youtube to Mp3. In that case, audio quality, user-friendliness, information security, and speed should all be considered when selecting a YouTube to MP3 converter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you convert YouTube to MP3 legally?

Technically, it’s not illegal to convert and download a YouTube video into an MP3. However, it is illegal to download content that someone else owns the right to.

How can I download high-quality MP3 from YouTube?

You can use a program to convert and download YouTube videos to Mp3. We have listed some of the best programs you can use in 2022 to convert and download high-quality Mp3 files on YouTube.

How can I safely download videos from YouTube?

There are certain precautions that you need to make sure you follow. That would include only working on legitimate websites, scanning your downloaded file, avoiding providing personal and financial information, and reading feedback from other users.

Is 320kbps good sound quality?

Yes, 320kbps is already a good number for sound quality. Most audio streaming apps have 320kbps as their highest option for sound quality, while 160kbps is the lowest.

How do I download YouTube videos to my computer?

To download YouTube videos to your computer, you must install a video downloader extension in your web browser. Once you have done this, you can go to the YouTube website and find the video you want to download.

When you click on the video, download it should be available. Choose the location on your computer where you want to save the file, and then click the ‘download’ button.

How do I convert YouTube videos?

You’ll need to use a video converter tool to convert YouTube videos. Many different converter tools are available online, and they all work similarly. To use a converter tool, go to the website and follow the instructions.

Most converter tools will ask you to enter the YouTube video URL you want to convert. Once you’ve entered the URL, choose the file format you want to convert the video into.

There is no one answer to this question, as copyright law varies from country to country. In general, however, YouTube videos are protected by copyright law, and it is, therefore, illegal to download and convert them without the copyright holder’s permission. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as for the purpose of criticism or commentary, but these are generally limited.

How can I convert YouTube videos for free?

There are a few ways that you can go about converting YouTube videos for free. One way is to use an online converter. This will allow you to input the URL of the video you want to convert and then choose the file format you want it converted into.

Another way is to use a software program that can be downloaded onto your computer. This type of program will usually have a broader range of file formats you can convert the video into.

What is the best YouTube to MP3?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on individual preferences. Some people might prefer a YouTube to MP3 converter that is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, while others might prefer one with more advanced features. Some popular YouTube to MP3 converters includes FLVTO, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, and Any Audio Converter.

How do you turn YouTube into MP3?

To turn a YouTube video into an MP3, you first need to download a YouTube to MP3 converter. Once you have downloaded the converter, you can open the YouTube video you want to convert and copy its URL.

After copying the URL, you can paste it into the converter and select the MP3 format. Finally, you can click the convert button and wait for the conversion to be completed.

Is YouTube to MP3 site safe?

When discussing whether or not a YouTube to MP3 site is safe, a few factors exist to consider. First, it is vital to consider the site’s security measures. Are they using SSL encryption? Are they storing your information securely?

Second, you should look at the site’s terms of service. Does the site allow you to download copyrighted material? If so, you could be at risk of legal action.

How can I download music from YouTube?

Downloading music from YouTube is relatively simple and can be completed in a few easy steps. First, you will need to find the video you want to download.

Once you have found the video, you will need to copy the URL of the video. Next, you will need to open a new tab in your browser and go to a website that allows you to download videos from YouTube.

What is the best way to convert YouTube to MP3?

There are many ways to convert YouTube to MP3, but the best way is to use a specifically designed converter for YouTube. Many converters are out there, but not all are created equal. Some converters are better than others, and some may even be free. The best way to find a converter that works well for you is to read reviews and try a few out.

How can I convert YouTube to MP3 for free?

There are a few ways to convert YouTube to MP3 for free. One way is to use a YouTube to MP3 converter. Many websites offer this service, and it is relatively simple to use. Just copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the converter, and it will generate an MP3 file you can download. Another way to convert YouTube to MP3 is to use a tool like Audacity.

What is the safest way to convert YouTube to MP3?

There are a few ways to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, but some methods are safer than others. One way to convert YouTube to MP3 is to use an online converter.

Many online converters are available, and they are typically easy to use. However, it is essential to be careful when using online converters, as some may contain malware or other malicious software. Another way to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files is to use a desktop application.

Did Ytmp3 shut down?

Ytmp3 was a popular free online converter that allowed users to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. However, the website has since shut down. It is unclear why the website shut down, but it may be due to copyright issues.

Is YouTube to MP3 malware?

While YouTube to MP3 converters may not be considered malware outright, they can pose a security risk to users. By downloading and installing one of these converters, users are giving the software access to their computer and any sensitive information stored on it. In addition, YouTube to MP3 converters can be used to download copyrighted material, which may be illegal in some countries.

How do I fix YouTube to MP3?

There are a few ways to fix YouTube to MP3. One way is to use a converter. This will take the YouTube video and turn it into an MP3 file. Another way is to download a video editor and export the file as an MP3.

This might take a little longer, but it will give you more control over the final product. Finally, you can use a web-based service like Zamzar to convert the YouTube video into an MP3 file.

why does free youtube download stop converting?

There are a few reasons why YouTube Download Stop Converting. One reason is that the resolution of the video is too high. When the resolution is too high, it takes longer to convert the video into a format that can be played on a computer or mobile device. Another reason is that the video file is too large. When the file is too large, it also takes longer to convert.

how to unlock Free youtube to mp3 converter?

To unlock Free YouTube to MP3 converter, one must first locate the website that provides this service. Once the website is located, the user must then create an account with the website.

After the account is created, the user must then log into the account. Once logged in, the user must locate the video they wish to convert to an MP3 file. Once the video is located, the user must click the “Convert” button.

what is the best free youtube audio to .aac converter?

There are several free YouTube audio to .aac converters available online. However, not all of these converters are created equal. Some converters may produce lower-quality audio files, while others may be more reliable and easy to use.

When choosing a converter, it is crucial to consider your needs and preferences. If you need a high-quality audio file, you may want to choose a converter that charges a small fee.

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