Top 8 Fixes When Your Printer Won’t Print

Top 8 Fixes When Your Printer Won’t Print

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Printers that fail to respond when you try to print something can be very stressful. Most of the time, this can easily be fixed by restarting your printer or computer. However, when these methods fail, it can quickly become frustrating. Our article will look for the best fixes when your printer doesn’t print.

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First Method – Review Your Printer’s Error Lights

Most printers have a way of telling you what the problem is. Checking the error lights or error indicators is an excellent way to avoid a lengthy troubleshooting process. Ensure you understand the meanings behind a series of puzzling flashing or colored lights on the printer.

printer error

The best way to decipher these lights is to use your handy-dandy manual. If you no longer have the manual, you can check the manufacturer’s website to download one. Some common errors are no ink or paper jams.

Second Method – Clear the Printer Queue

Sometimes your PC’s print queue can get all messed up. This will prevent your printer from printing the correct document, so it just halts altogether. These solutions should fix issues if your printer doesn’t print:

  1. Right-click on the printer icon located in your Window’s notification area.
printer icon
  1. Click on Open All Printers. You will find a list of items currently in the queue.
  2. Delete any pending documents for printing and try printing again.
cancel all documents

Third Method – Improve the Connection

Sometimes the reason why your printer won’t print is that the cable is not properly plugged in. Ensuring your printer’s USB cable is plugged correctly at both ends may fix the issue. If you are trying to print using a Wi-Fi connection, try using a USB; this will help you understand if the problem is due to the Wi-Fi connection.

check printer connections

Check if your printer is getting a good signal. You can review your router’s network list and try moving the printer closer to the router to be sure it is not out of range.

Fourth Method – Be Sure You Are Using the Right Printer

If you have multiple printers in your office, are using different printers at work or home, or have just gotten a new printer, you may have been trying to print with the incorrect printer. To be sure that you are printing with the correct printer, try this fix:

  1. Print a document by pressing File, then Print.
  2. Pay attention to the options that will appear – you will likely see a drop-down menu showing different printer options.
  3. Click on the correct printer.
canon printer preference
  1. In some programs, such as Google Chrome, you may need to click “See More” to find a list of connected printers.

Fifth Method – Install the Right Drivers and Software

These days, most printers come with a plug-and-play feature. That means you have to plug in a printer using a USB cable, and you can start printing. However, there are times when you may need to install a driver manually. To do this, you must go to your manufacturer’s website and download and install the latest drivers.

Sixth Method – Add a Printer

When using Wi-Fi to print your document, you must ensure that you have available printers installed before you can print.

  1. Click the Windows Icon and choose “Settings.”
open windows settings
  1. Click on Devices and choose Printers & scanners.
devices printers scanners
  1. Click on “Add a printer or scanner,” select your newly installed printer, and continue with the installation instructions from your printer.
add printer or scanner option

Seventh Method – Remove Any Paper Jams

Try re-aligning the paper in the paper tray. If this does not work, there may be a jam within the mechanism. Typically, your printer will signal you when this happens. You need to open the access panel and pull out the jam. (You can refer to your manual on how to pull out a paper jam.

printer paper jam

Sometimes, you won’t be able to see any paper jam. This problem occurs when small bits of paper cause the rollers to become stuck. If this is the case, you may need to get this professionally fixed.

Eighth Method – Check the Ink

Another reason why your printer won’t print is if you run out of ink. Depending on what kind of printer you use, you may need to add ink, replace the cartridges, or clean the print head. Check the manual to understand how you can fix ink-related issues.

check printer ink

Final Thoughts

It is easy to struggle when your printer doesn’t print. However, the above information will help you start your printing tasks quickly and easily.

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