iLovePDF Review and How to Guide

iLovePDF Review and How to Guide

/ Andrew Holdeman

If you’re searching for an affordable and simple solution to optimize your document management with PDF files, you should look into iLovePDF.

This platform provides you with several tools for editing PDF files. Not only do these several options include the ability to merge, split, compress, and convert PDF files from major word documents and much more, but almost all of their features and tools are 100% free to use.

iLovePDF Conveniences

All of iLovePDF’s functions take a small number of clicks and just a few seconds to edit multiple PDF files, any PDF form, providing speedy steps to convert office documents.

They have a simple download process for the desktop that is compatible with both Windows PC and MacOs, with the availability to access by mobile, featured on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

iLovePDF recommends using their tools from the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer +10, and Safari. While working from Explorer versions 8 and 9, the rendering option to document pages will not be available. This platform needs to work with Javascript enabled.

iLovePDF – Instructions and Installation

To see where you’re given the option to download this, you’ll want to go straight to their homepage at Once you arrive there, the next step is to click the menu button in the far right-hand corner of the page.

Upon clicking the menu button, tap the option that says “Product.”

ilovepdf option
ilovepdf product option

Next, you should see five options, two of them being “desktop” and “mobile.” The Mobile option will show the Google and Apple store links to download the app, and the Desktop option will present you with a bar that lets you choose to download either the Windows or Mac version of iLovePDF.

Merge and Split Your PDF Pages with iLovePDF

iLovePDF gives you the option to combine multiple documents with an easy-to-use PDF merger, as well as to allow you to take one file and split PDF pages into individual documents.

ilovepdf merge pdf option

You want to select the documents from your device or your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Before merging or splitting, note that you can simultaneously use these tools on multiple password-protected files.

Compress PDF Files with iLovePDF

Choose between extreme, high or regular compression levels and then hit the Compress PDF button—the higher compression, the smaller the file size and quality.

ilovepdf compress pdf option
ilovepdf recommended compression option

Click the ‘Compress PDF’ button to download your reduced PDF or save it back to the cloud. Check ‘Compress PDF’ limits for each account type.

Convert Word Documents to PDF files

One of everybody’s favorite PDF tools is the ability to convert word documents onto another platform. ilovePDF allows you to accurately convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word and Google docs, such as DOC and DOCX, or other editable word documents.

ilovepdf word to pdf and vice versa
ilovepdf convert to word option

This feature also uses a PDF converter if you want to convert a DOC or DOCX document to a PDF.

Converting Powerpoint Presentation to PDF Documents

The ability to convert both PPT and PPTX to PDF files is also available to users, also providing the option to turn your previous PDF files into slideshows.

ilovepdf pdf to powerpoint

Converting Excel Spreadsheets to PDF Editing

iLovePDF can also have a PDF convert its data onto an Excel spreadsheet and transfer information from a spreadsheet to a PDF file.

ilovepdf pdf to

iLovePDF – Watermarking and PDF Editor

This platform enables you to apply Watermarks (images and texts) over your PDF within seconds, including the transparency of what you use. Annotations that may be free-handed, shapes, and custom-sized texts can also be made easy with their PDF editing tool.

ilovepdf watermark
ilovepdf adding watermark

JPG Images with PDF Pages

Tools to extract and insert images from JPG to PDF and to extract pages from PDF to JPG are added to your arsenal while keeping high quality in your pictures upon transferring.

ilovepdf pdf to jpg
ilovepdf resizer

Rotate Specific PDF Pages

Rotating documents is made easy, along with the ability to rotate and modify PDF files stored together simultaneously.

HTML to PDF File

iLovePDF allows you to convert web pages in HTML to a PDF document while only needing access to the URL of the page you want to convert.

Signing PDF Documents

You can sign PDF files and send sign forms for signature requests based on Digital ID.

ilovepdf signature
ilovepdf add signature

Protect and Unlock PDF Files

The ability to add PDF passwords and Encrypt multiple PDF documents is essential to keep unauthorized users off of your content. While passwords are important, so is the ability to remove or “unlock” the security to allow more freedom for your files.

Organizing PDF and Page Numbers

Using a PDF reader can be more stressful when your documents aren’t organized; thankfully, iLovePDF’s tools also allow you to sort and number your documents as you’d see fit.

ilovepdf organize pdf

Repair PDF Tool

Not all documents to PDF get transferred equally; sometimes, between transferring data and low storage, both can cause corrupted files and accidentally extract images. The new repair PDF tool can help repay and recover lost data after a failed transfer.

ilovepdf repair pdf

Scan to PDF

Using the mobile version of iLovePDF not only allows you to convert PDF files but also comes with a handy document scanner, allowing you to scan PDF documents and send them straight to your browser.

iLovePDF – Free Version and Paid Subscription

The question you might ask before reading the entire page is, “How much?” or “Annual or monthly subscription?”

While their free version offers optimum editable office formats and free use of almost every tool, it’s still considered limited compared to the paid PREMIUM version. A third option would be the Business version, offering their user a custom-tailored pricing plan based on the consumer’s needs.

ilovepdf subscription options


iLovePDF PREMIUM offers an affordable auto-renewable monthly subscription of $4.00 a month with annual pay of $48.00. If you choose to use a monthly only payment, the cost is up to $7.00 a month.

This gives you full access to all features with unlimited PDF document processing.

Fully functional access across Web, Mobil, and Desktop with no ads.

Customer support.

What is iLovePDF used for?

Documents can be merged, split, compressed, rotated, and annotated with iLovePDF, allowing users to manage, optimize, and modify PDF files easily. It enables users to convert files into various file types, including Word Documents, Excel Files, Photos, and even PowerPoint files.

Is the website iLovePDF safe?

According to hundreds of different online entities, iLovePDF is a safe and legitimate website. It is even used by big financial companies that work with crucial financial information. As per iLovePDF, any data that are submitted to their servers are safeguarded against unauthorized access in every way.

Does iLovePDF cost money?

With the free version of iLovePDF, users are only allowed limited document processing and can only use the tool through a web browser. With premium, users will have full access to their tools, unlimited document processing, customer support, and even the ability to work on desktop and on mobile.

Does iLovePDF save your files?

Definitely not. Your files belong to you and you alone. While stored on their servers, your data will be protected from unauthorized access. For downloading purposes, iLovePDF only stores them for up to 2 hours.

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