Supercharge Steam Downloads: Quick & Easy Fixes

Supercharge Steam Downloads: Quick & Easy Fixes

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If you’re an individual who utilizes Steam frequently, you most likely have encountered limitations on download speeds for your gaming experiences. Even if you are in no hurry, downloads for online games can take up to several hours.

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The article below will cover the best methods to speed up your Steam download process for future installations on your operating system.

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Common Reasons Why Steam Downloads Slowly

There are several factors that can contribute to slow Steam downloads. Understanding these reasons can help you troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue. Here are some of the most common reasons why Steam downloads slowly:

  1. Limited Bandwidth: Your internet connection’s bandwidth can significantly impact download speeds. If you have a slow connection or limited bandwidth, large files, such as games, will take longer to download. Additionally, if multiple devices are connected to the same network, it can cause congestion and further reduce download speeds.
  2. Incorrect Download Region: Steam allows users to select their preferred download region, which ideally should be the closest server location to the user. Downloading content from a server located far away from your location can lead to slow download speeds. To resolve this issue, you can change the download region to one closer to your location.
  3. Background Applications: Running multiple applications or processes in the background can consume valuable system resources and bandwidth, leading to slow Steam downloads. Closing unnecessary programs and ensuring that Steam has priority for system resources can help improve download speeds.
  4. Throttling by ISP: Some internet service providers (ISPs) may throttle download speeds during peak usage times or if they detect that a large amount of data is being downloaded. This can lead to slow Steam downloads, and there may be little that can be done to resolve the issue, other than contacting your ISP or upgrading your internet plan.
  5. Outdated Steam Client: An outdated Steam client may have performance issues or bugs that can cause slow downloads. Regularly updating your Steam client ensures that you have the latest bug fixes, performance improvements, and compatibility updates, which can help improve download speeds.
  6. Steam Server Issues: Sometimes, Steam servers may experience technical issues, such as high traffic, server outages, or maintenance, which can lead to slow downloads. In such cases, you may have to wait for the issue to be resolved by Steam.
  7. Metered Connection or Proxy Settings: If you have a metered connection or are using a proxy server, it can affect your internet connection and lead to slow Steam downloads. Disabling the metered connection or proxy settings can help improve download speeds.
  8. Corrupted Download Cache: The download cache in Steam stores temporary data that can sometimes become corrupted or outdated, causing slow downloads. Clearing the download cache can help resolve the issue and improve download speeds.

By understanding the common reasons behind slow Steam downloads, you can take appropriate steps to optimize your system and internet connection, ensuring that you can download and enjoy your games as quickly as possible.

How to Fix Slow Download Speeds on Steam

Disable Windows Metered Connection

If you are determined to increase the download speed due to the slow download speed of the Steam client for Steam games, then disabling windows metered connection can serve the purpose. The steam download’s slow speed may be due to connectivity interventions. Hence, disabling metered connection can solve the problem, i.e., how to increase download speed on Steam. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the settings menu from the windows main menu of your device. In settings, select the option of network and internet

network and internet settings

Step 2: In the next window, select the option of Wi-Fi from the left pane, followed by selecting Manage known networks

manange known networks

Step 3: Now select your network and navigate to the section of metered connections. Toggle the button off for metered connections.

metered connection

Disable Proxy/VPN in Settings

If proxy servers are being used on the device, it may result in internet connection consumption, leading to decreased download speeds for Steam. Disabling the proxy server settings may resolve the issue. Here are the steps to follow for fixing the problem, i.e., how to increase download speed on Steam.

Step 1: Launch settings from the windows main menu and select the Network & Internet Proxy option.

network and internet settings

Step 2: In the Network & Internet Proxy window, switch off the proxy server under the option of using a proxy server in the section manual proxy setup.  

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Check Download Region and Bandwidth Limit

To target the steam download speed, you need to check the download region and bandwidth limit on the steam client. Both factors may lead to a Steam limit download speed, and these factors can be analyzed via a steam app on the device. Here is how you can perform the action.

Step 1: Launch the Steam client and in the steam window, click on the Steam option and select the settings option from the drop-down menu.

steam settings

Step 2: In the settings menu, select the option of downloads, followed by choosing the download region from the next context menu. Download region should not be far away from your current location.

steam download regions

Step 3: In the downloads window, check the box for the option to limit bandwidth. It should not be checked. The bandwidth should be compatible with the internet connection being used on the device.

steam limit bandwidth

Clear Download Cache in Steam

Clearing the download cache in Steam can help improve game download speeds by removing any unnecessary or corrupted data that may be stored in the cache. This can make it easier for games to download faster and more efficiently and reduce lag when playing online.

Clearing out this temporary data increases the available space on your hard drive, which can also contribute to faster downloads.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the steam client and in the steam window, click on the option of steam present in the upper left corner. Select the option of settings from the drop-down menu.

steam settings

Step 2: In the settings menu, select the option of downloads, followed by choosing the clear download cache from the next context menu. Click OK to complete the action.

clear steam download cache

Disable Download Throttling

If download throttling is enabled on the steam app, it will decrease the download speed for Steam. Hence, disabling download throttling from the app can resolve the problem, i.e., how to increase download speed on Steam. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the steam app from the Windows main menu. Click on the option of Steam present in the upper left corner. Select the option of settings from the drop-down menu.

steam settings

Step 2: In the settings menu, select the option of downloads followed by unchecking the box for the option of throttle downloads while steaming. Click ok to complete the action.

steam disable download throttle

Give Priority to Steam Downloads

It is important to note that giving priority to steam downloads can also help download speeds on Steam. Doing this will ensure that the desired program downloads faster while all other programs run slower with minimal interference and can be done from the task manager on the device. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting the task manager option.

open the task manager

Step 2: In the task manager window, navigate to the option details tab and click the option of the steam client. Right-click the option to select a set priority from the context menu.

steam task manager priority

Step 3: In the priority menu, click the high option and set it as steam download priority.

Keep Your Steam App Updated Regularly

Keeping your steam application updated ensures you access the latest software version. Any bug fixes or performance improvements will be applied to your experience and can lead to quicker download speeds.

Updating your Steam application also helps to ensure compatibility with new games as developers update them, which may affect how quickly they download or install on your computer.

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Your updated drivers can improve the speed and stability of downloads, so keeping those up-to-date is essential for optimal performance. Also, some versions of Steam have built-in tools for monitoring download speeds and other settings that can help you get the most out of your gaming experience. Keeping these up-to-date will help ensure smooth sailing when downloading and installing new games while simultaneously playing other games.

Keeping your Steam application updated will help ensure the best possible download speeds for future downloads. It also ensures that you always take advantage of the latest bug fixes, performance improvements, and compatibility updates to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Increasing Downloads Speed on Steam

Can My Internet Service Provider Affect Steam’s Download Speeds?

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can affect Steam’s download speeds. Depending on the quality of service you have purchased from your ISP and the capacity of their network, you could experience slower or faster download speeds than those advertised by Steam. Your ISP may also have limitations on how much bandwidth you are allowed to use for downloading games or other content via Steam.

What is Steam Download Region?

Steam Download Region is a feature associated with the Steam digital distribution platform. It allows users to select the region they wish to download their games from, thus providing them with faster download speeds and more reliable connections. By default, Steam will download content from its nearest server location, but users can customize this setting if they prefer.

Can Steam Settings Help with Steam’s Download Speed?

Fortunately, there are some settings you can tweak in Steam to try and improve your download speeds.
1. Turn off ‘Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for applications that support it.’ This setting will prevent downloaded files from syncing across multiple devices when they’re not needed.
2. Change the Download region to one close to where you live or near the game servers.

Is My Internet Speed Affecting Steam Downloads?

The primary factor affecting download speeds on Steam is your bandwidth or the amount of data that can be sent through your network at any given time. If your bandwidth is limited, downloading large files such as games will take much longer than if you had faster internet. Additionally, having multiple people connected to the same network can cause congestion and reduce download speeds.

How do I Make Steam Download Faster?

Your download speeds will be as fast as your internet connection allows, so if you upgrade to a faster package, you can boost your download times significantly. Also, if you have multiple devices connected to the same network, try disconnecting some of them or reducing their activity to get the most out of your available bandwidth.

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