How to Fix the “Steam Pending Transaction” Problem

How to Fix the “Steam Pending Transaction” Problem

/ Sedfrey Galope

Steam is one of the leading platforms that make games available for enthusiasts around the world. In fact, hundreds of games are being added daily to buy the game they want.

Unfortunately, some purchases do not go smoothly.  A Steam pending transaction error happens when there is an incomplete purchase in the platform.

This could be frustrating, especially if all your purchases went through correctly. If you find yourself struggling with this error, we have put together ways to fix the issue.

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Method 1 – Check Out Steam Server

An outage with the Steam server can cause this issue. You will likely experience Steam pending transaction errors because the platform was unable to process your purchase fully.

Therefore, it may be helpful for you to take the time to review if their server is actually working.

  1. Go to Downdetector website and choose a country in the drop-down menu.
image 218
  1. Next, enter Steam in the search box to get a report whether Steam is working or not.
image 219

Method 2 – Cancel Any Pending Transactions

A pending transaction may not allow you to purchase another game in Steam. You can fix this by canceling any pending purchases.

  1. Open the Steam client and click Account Details.
image 221
  1. Next, click View purchase history and review the list of pending transaction on the platform.
  2. Select any of pending item.
image 222
  1. Choose Cancel this transaction and click on Cancel my purchase.
image 223
  1. If there are multiple pending transactions, make sure to cancel one-by-one.
  2. Restart Steam and try to purchase a new game.

Method 3 – Use the Steam Website to Purchase

A Steam pending transaction error can happen when you are using the steam client. Try buying from the website directly and see if you can buy from your account. This can happen due to internet or connection error.

  1. Visit the Steam website on your browser and log-in to your account.
image 224
  1. Once you are logged in to your Steam account via browser, try and make a purchase and see if the issue is finally fixed.

Method 4 – Disable VPN/IP Proxy Software

Another reason that can cause the Steam pending transaction issue is that you may be using an IP Proxy or VPN software while using Steam. To fix this, you will need to disable any IP proxy or VPN software.

To force end the VPN or IP proxy software, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Task Manager by holding down the “ctrl + shift + esc” keys at the same time.
  2. Go to the “Processes Tab” and look for any running IP Proxy or VPN application that is running in the background and click “End Task”
image 225
  1. Next, you will now need to disable the software from running automatically after opening your computer. In the “Task Manager” click on “Startup”, click the VPN or IP Proxy application and click “Disable”.
image 226
  1. After performing these steps, launch steam and try to make a purchase from their store.

Method 5 – Make Sure You are on the Correct Region

Steam works internationally, servicing multiple regions around the world. It is possible that your Steam region setting is set to a different country or region, causing this issue. In this case, follow these steps to correct your Steam region setting.

  1. Open your Steam Client.
  2. On top of the Steam Client, click on “Steam” among the choices you can find horizontally.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose “Settings”.
image 227
  1. In the settings menu, click “Downloads” from the list of options found on the left-hand side.
  2. Choose the correct region from the “Download Region” option.
image 228

Method 6 – Update the Steam Client

Using outdated Steam Client is one of the most common reasons why Steam download is stopping. Valve is always working to improve the Steam Client. So, make sure you always use updated software.

  1. Access your Steam Client.
  2. Click on “Steam” among the choices you can find horizontally, you can find this on the top of your Steam client.
  3. Choose “Check for Steam Client Updates”.
image 229
  1. Download and install any available update.

Final Words

Before performing any troubleshooting steps to fix the Steam pending transaction error, make sure that you have available funds. This is one requirement that you should accomplish before you can make any transaction. Make sure your Steam account has enough funds to purchase the item or game that you want.

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