How to fix Err_empty_response error in Google Chrome

How to fix Err_empty_response error in Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser today. This web browser is fast, secure, and is overall the most powerful browser today. However, it can sometimes run into errors such as the typical “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.”

What is the “Err_empty_response” error in Google Chrome?

“ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE,” also known as “No data received,” happens because you’re trying to access websites that are not responding. Do not confuse this issue with other Google Chrome errors, such as ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED. Sometimes, it pops up when your Internet is experiencing failures in sending your input.

While the most common reason for this occurrence is a faulty network connection, it can happen for other reasons. For example, your extensions may restrict your access to specific sites.

Or your network settings need to be reset. While there may be many causes for this issue, don’t worry! This guide provides various solutions for the “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” error.

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Fixing the Err_empty_response error in Google Chrome

Method 1 – Use Command Prompt

The Command Prompt is a powerful tool that can help you fix any issues, including a Google Chrome acting up.

  1. Hold down the “windows” key and press “R,” and type “cmd” in the run command line. Hold down both the “ctrl and shift” keys together and press enter. Click “OK” on the next window to grant administrator permissions.
image 170
  1. Type in the following commands in the Command Prompt and press enter every after command:
  • netsh winsock reset
  • netsh int ip reset
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  1. Type in “exit” in the command prompt, press “enter,” and restart your computer once you’ve finished running these commands. Check whether the “Err_empty_response” error in Google Chrome has been fixed.

Method 2 – Remove or Turn Off your Extensions and Add-ons from Chrome

Your Google Chrome extensions can cause errors significantly if they are not updated or are already legacy extensions. Remove or turn them off first to check if your Chrome extensions are causing the “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” issue.

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Select the Menu icon, represented by three dots at the top.
  3. Choose More Tools and click on Extensions.
  4. You can also open your extensions directly by clicking this link or typing it in your browser: chrome://extensions/
image 171
  1. In the Extensions tab, remove or turn off your extensions.

Try to reaccess the sites for the error. This should fix your problem. If it doesn’t work, you can move on to the following method.

Method 3 – Open a new Incognito window.

Another way to check if an extension causes the error is to open the website from an incognito window.

  1. Open the Menu icon again.
  2. Choose New Incognito Window.
image 172
  1. Or, you can open it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard.

If this works, your browser may suffer from a 3rd party extension.

Method 4 –  Disable VPN software

Some users experience the error when actively using VPNs on their computers. At the same time, a VPN is a valuable tool for protecting you while surfing the web. However, some providers may restrict your browser. Disable your VPN, and rerun Chrome. The error shouldn’t pop up again.

Method 5 – Re-install or turn off your Windows Security

You can try to turn off Windows Security to see if this is why you might be experiencing a problem with your Chrome.

  1. Open Windows Defender by clicking on the Windows button, type “Windows Security,” and press “enter.”
image 173
  1. Click on “Virus & Threat Protection” on the Windows Security homepage.
image 174
  1. Under Virus & Threat Protection Settings, click “Manage Settings” and disable the following options:
  • Real-time Protection
  • Cloud-delivered Protection
  • Automatic Sample Submission
  • Tamper Protection
image 175

Method 6 – Add Google Chrome to the Whitelist of Windows Security

If the above step fixes the Err_empty_response error, it only means that Windows Security is blocking Google Chrome from working correctly. In this case, you will have to add Google Chrome to Windows Security’s whitelist. This way, Google Chrome will no longer block or put any files in quarantine in the Google Chrome folder.

  1. Open Windows Defender by clicking on the Windows button, type “Windows Security,” and press “enter.”
image 176
  1. Under the “Virus & Threat Protection Settings,” click on “Manage Settings.”
image 177
  1. Click on “Add or Remove Exclusions” under Exclusions.
image 178
  1. Click on “Add an exclusion” and select “Folder.” Choose the “Google” folder and click “select folder.”
image 179

Method 7 – Examine your LAN’s settings for any additional issues

  1. Press the Win + R keys simultaneously to open run commands.
  2. Type “inetcpl.cpl” and press “enter”.
image 180
  1. Find “Connections” on the top menu, then click on it.
  2. Click “LAN Settings” on the bottom.
image 181
  1. In the new Local Area Network (LAN) Settings tab, find “Use a proxy server for your LAN.” Make sure this is unchecked if it is checked.
image 182
  1. Then select Apply and OK. Now check if the Google Chrome error Err_empty_response has already been fixed.

Wrap Up

Nobody can deny that Google Chrome is one of today’s most used internet browsers. Whether Windows or Mac OS, Google Chrome is a reliable browser that provides the best experience to its users. Although this is true, Chrome is not safe from errors such as the Err_empty_response error. Knowing how to fix it is also crucial, as it is also proven that it is one of the most common errors that users experience.

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