How to Use Audio Troubleshooter on Windows 10

How to Use Audio Troubleshooter on Windows 10

/ Shayne Sherman

You are on your computer on a normal day, then you decide to play a video or listen to music, but nothing is coming out on your speakers. You try adjusting the volume, but still, nothing happened.

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Now you are confused, is your computer broken? Did you change something in the settings?

Windows has a built-in application to help you troubleshoot your computer if you have problems with your audio.

This article will show you how to use Audio troubleshooter on windows 10 for fixing audio on your computer.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + S and search for “find and fix audio playback problems

Step 2: Open the Audio Troubleshooter

Audio troubleshooter

Step 3: Click on Next

Next button

Step 4: Wait for the Troubleshooter to finish scanning your computer

Step 5:  Select which device you want troubleshoot then click next

(In our case we select the laptop’s built in speaker)

Select device that needs to troubleshoot

Step 6: Wait for the troubleshooter to finish analyzing your audio device

Step 7: The audio troubleshooter will ask you to turn off sound effects and enhancements

Step 8: Click on Open Enhancements

Open Enhancements

Step 9: Speaker Properties will open, Click on enhancements tab

Step 10: Make sure all boxes are unmarked and click ok to save changes

Enhancements tab all unchecked

Step 11: Try playing audio on your computer and see if the problem is fixed

If there is still no sound coming out from your computer proceed to step 12.

Step 12: On Audio troubleshooter click on Next

Step 13: Wait for the troubleshooter to finish scanning your computer

Step 14: Click on Play test sounds

Play test sounds

Step 15: Check if you will hear any sound from your computer

Step 16: Select from one of the options on the screen based on what you hear from the sound test


If you hear sound on your computer and its clear select: GOOD.

If you hear distorted or unclear audio select: BAD, this will prompt your audio drivers to reinstall.

If you did not hear any sound select: I didn’t hear anything.

Sound test
Shayne Sherman
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