Is Your Gmail Stuck in Outbox? Here are Some Solutions

Is Your Gmail Stuck in Outbox? Here are Some Solutions

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Gmail is a strong and secure email service over 900 billion people use daily. It offers many features, such as the ability to save drafts, send them later, and search a wide array of emails across the internet. However, sometimes messages will get stuck in the Outbox, and Gmail may queue them to send later (If they send).

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This can be an aggravating issue when you are trying to send some important emails, such as private information or business-to-business content.

What Causes My Gmail to Be Stuck In Gmail Outbox?

You might have encountered this problem as you attempted to send a message in Gmail, but they get held up in the Gmail Outbox queue for the rest of the mail to be sent later. The lingering question is, “What causes my mail to be stuck in Outbox?”.

Several variables could cause you to face this problem, such as your Google chrome, internet connection, and even lack of updates to the Gmail App.

Even your iPhone or Android phone with their mobile data can tamper with the fluidity of incoming and outgoing emails from your Gmail app.

How to Stop Gmail From Being Stuck in Outbox

Size of File Attachments Being Sent to Your Outbox

Sometimes the links and additions to your messages, such as videos or images, can exceed the file size limit for the message being sent. Quick troubleshooting would be splitting the file attachment into separate attachments.

attaching file

If you are trying to send a message with a large file attached, such as a large document, videos, PDFs, or pictures. Then, in this situation, you would ensure that the file size will not go over 25GB. Gmail will only allow a user to send and receive emails with attachments of files within 25GB.

You can use tools, such as ILovePDF, to merge and split files if you need to create ways to send a certain GB amount of files over multiple files and emails.

Check Internet Connection

Sometimes your internet connection can affect how your messages are sent and delivered to you. Check your wifi and LAN cable connections to ensure they are stable. Also, you can try resetting your internet connection altogether.

connect to wifi

If your internet connection does not affect the site data or your Gmail account, you can always unplug your operating system and reset it. Resting your device can help reconnect s more firm internet connection, which could affect functions of the Chrome browser, Google Drive, and background running apps.

Do not unplug your device when a message reads as “sending.” This could cause the data usage in the message sent to be corrupted or broken. This also applies to internet connectivity, do not turn off your internet connection if you are currently sending mail.

Check Your Account Settings App.

Your account settings and how they are set up can heavily affect how your Inbox and Outbox of Gmail and cause improper configuration. The solution below is a prime example of how these are affected.

Check Whether Gmail is Not in Offline Mode

offline gmail

Google gives you a feature that will allow you to respond, search, and seamlessly go through the inbox even while you’re not online. Gmail automatically sends emails you have completed when your operating system is back online.

Using the offline mode is a nice feature for some users, although this option could be why your messages get stuck in the Outbox of Gmail.

Therefore, to fix emails stuck in the Outbox of Gmail, ensure you disable the offline mode on Gmail.

Open the Gmail application on your phone or desktop, and log in using your username and password. Once you have logged into your account successfully, locate the gear icon (located at the top right-hand corner, below the search bar) and select it.

gmail settings 1
see all gmail settings

Once you click the gear icon, you will see a drop-down menu. Find the option that says “see all settings” and click it. After that, you will see a heading at the top of the settings app; click the “Offline tab.”

gmail offline settings
disable offline mail

Finally, you will choose “Enable offline mode” From there, you will refresh your Google website and try to send emails again to your Outbox folder. This will indicate if this was the solution to your messages stuck in Gmail’s Outbox.

Clear Gmail’s Cached Data When Emails are Stuck in Gmail Outbox

Sometimes the memory is clogged up in your Gmail app’s cache, which can affect how your messages get stuck in Gmail Outbox. Not clearing up your cache can result in cookies and site data constantly affecting your background data usage.

Other site and mobile data can be heavily impacted when you allow background data usage and multiple app caches running and not regularly organized or deleted.

When you have emails stuck in Gmail Outbox, usually, it can be recognized as a loading error. App data, app cache, third-party website, and other site data can be directly linked to this variable.

Clearing Gmail Cache on Android Devices.

If you happen to be using an Android device, you will want to visit your settings tab to delete Gmail’s cache. Next, you will choose the “Apps tab.” (Where you can adjust settings on all the apps on your device)

android manage apps

When scrolling through all of the apps’ options, find and select the Gmail app. Once you select Gmail, at the bottom right below the app info, click “Clear data.”

gmail app clear cache

After you clear data, it will give you the option to clear all data “or” clear cache. Choose clear cache.

Clearing the data for most apps is the same process, no matter what operating system you use. For this case, we will show you how to clear the Gmail cache on a PC.

How to Clear Gmail Cache on PC When Email Stuck While Sending.

First, open up your Chrome browser, and at the top right corner, click on the three vertical dots. Then choose “settings.”

You will then click on the “Privacy and Security tab” on the far left of the screen. Once you’ve clicked that tap, choose “Cookies and Site Data.”

gmail privacy security
cookies and site data

Then, you will use the search tap to type in “Mail” in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will then proceed to click on the bin icon that is right next to “” to clear Gmail’s cache.

Why is My Gmail Going to Outbox and Not Loading?

Several potential reasons why your messages are not loading in your Outbox or Inbox for your Gmail app. Fortunately, Techloris has an article dedicated to the topic of your Gmail App not loading correctly. Click here to view our page “Why Is Gmail Not Loading.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can I Send Emails But Not Receive Them?

Not being able to receive any of your regular emails all of the sudden could possibly have to do with your internet connection. Try resetting your network connection. Once you have reset your Wi-Fi, you should also close and open your Gmail account.

Why Is My Inbox Not Functioning Properly?

If specific tabs and actions aren’t running as smoothly as they usually are, look up your app’s version history. Update the Gmail app if it hasn’t been already by going to the play store. If updating it isn’t the case, try turning offline mode off and on by using the offline tab.

Using the offline mode Gmail tactic can sometimes act as a reset for the Google application.

How Do I Fix the Gmail App Not Sending Emails?

The listed procedures that individuals should take care to clear the Gmail app cache, check for Gmail app updates, and to reset their devices along with resetting their internet connections.

These could all potentially impact your sending emails, how you fix emails stuck in Outbox, or just Gmail app issues.

What Do I Do If I’m Locked Out of My Google Account?

Being locked out of your Google account can be caused by several reasons, including fraud and hackers. Fortunately, though, Techloris has an article just for locked Google accounts. Click here here to view our article “Google Account Locked? Here’s How to Fix it.”

Should I Allow Background Data Usage if My Mail is Stuck in Gmail Outbox?

Turning on the background data usage option could actually help you if your emails are stuck in the Outbox of Gmail. You will also be able to test this with Offline mail.

If you’re using mobile data regularly as a stable network connection, it might be possible that your data saver tab is enabled on your operating device. This could prevent Gmail from utilizing your mobile data and receiving and even sending emails. To fix the particular “email stuck in the Outbox of Gmail” problem, you should consider enabling the allow background data usage option.

An Android device and an iPhone user can follow the same steps to allow background running apps.

Will Mobile Data Fix Emails Stuck in Gmail Outbox?

If your mobile data is the only connection to your network, then yes, your mobile data is causing the disruption in your Gmail app. That is why it is wise and safe to have multiple forms of connection to the network or wifi in your home.

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