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At Resoft, our mission is to be the foremost provider of intuitive web solutions and complementary applications aimed at enhancing browsing efficiency and simplicity through innovative technologies and user interfaces. We deliver a user-friendly toolbar that seamlessly integrates into your web browser, optimizing the online experience. It is important to note that our services may feature advertisements to support our offerings.

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The Snap.Do Engine is a browser plugin that is ad-supported, where users may see additional banner and in-text link advertisements. It is compatible w... Read more

Shopping Helper Smartbar is a web browser extension supported by ads that may not be desired by users. It will display popup and banner ads and modify... Read more

The toolbar/web browser extension is commonly included as an optional installation with third-party software. Upon installation, the toolbar will make... Read more

The Muvic Smartbar Toolbar is a web browser plugin that is distributed through a variety of monetization platforms during installation. This ad-suppor... Read more

Snap.Do Icon Snap.Do

Snap.Do is a browser extension/toolbar compatible with major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. This addin offers standar... Read more

ToolbarFR Icon ToolbarFR

This software is a web browser toolbar designed for use with Orange. Please note that this software may display advertisements as part of its function... Read more

Muvic Icon Muvic

Muvic is a potentially unwanted web browser extension that is ad-supported and may display popup and banner ads, as well as modify the user's web brow... Read more

ShowPass Smartbar is a web browser extension that operates as an ad-supported program, delivering various types of advertising to the user's browser.... Read more

FRGSmartbar Icon FRGSmartbar

FRGSmartbar is an ad-supported web browser extension designed to display various forms of advertisements within Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox... Read more

OfferBLVD Icon OfferBLVD

OfferBLVD, also known as SnapDo, is a Smartbar adware application distributed by the same distributor as Linkury by Resoft. This adware software is de... Read more

ShoppingHelper is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that may install a toolbar, modify your browser's homepage, and change your default search engi... Read more