Discord Audio Cutting Out Error – 7 Methods to Fix

Discord Audio Cutting Out Error – 7 Methods to Fix

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Whether you attend online classes, work from home, or enjoy participating in online communities, Discord is a wonderful tool to use. Discord is a complete communications app that allows you to connect with people online in different ways.

You can use it to call, send texts, or do video calls in a single application. Most of the time, Discord is stable software that does its job just right. However, sometimes you experience an issue like the “Discord audio cutting out error.”

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Common Reasons For Discord Audio Cutting Out

Despite having nifty features, Discord can sometimes come with issues. Today, we will focus on Discord audio cutting out as it has become a common issue for users.

It is essential to understand why you might be experiencing this error in the first place, and it will help you breeze through troubleshooting because you’ll quickly know the exact issue. Some of the common reasons why users experience Discord audio cutting out are:

  • Problems with The Internet Connection – A poor internet connection will likely cause several issues when using connectivity apps. Since your Internet will struggle to connect, the voice channel may be one of the most affected.
  • Incorrect Windows 10 Settings – Microsoft Windows 10 is packed with customizable features you can take advantage of. Unfortunately, sometimes changing these settings can mess up your Discord.
  • Wrong Discord Settings – Discord allows you to change the settings according to your preferences. Unfortunately, some settings can directly affect your audio.
  • Outdated Drivers – Using outdated drivers can cause errors like Discord audio cutting out. You can update the Windows or Discord drivers to fix this issue.
  • Conflict with Peripherals – Although rare, there will be times when your peripherals like speakers or microphones are causing audio-related issues.
  • Now that we have checked some possible causes, you can start troubleshooting. Remember to try all methods before you begin contacting customer service.

How to Fix Discord Audio Cutting Out Error

Method 1 – Restart Your Discord Completely

Using Discord for a long time can sometimes cause errors. Simply allowing your software to restart maybe fix the issue.

  1. Press CTRL + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager on your keyboard.
  2. Note: Sometimes Task Manager launches in compact mode; expand details by clicking on the “Mode details”
  3. On the Processes tab, locate Discord. Next, right-click on it and select End task.
Task Manager Discord
  1. Open Discord again and check if the audio error persists.

Method 2 – Update All Windows 10 Audio Drivers

Running on outdated drivers will eventually cause issues for your computer. For example, if your audio driver is obsolete, you might encounter Discord audio cutting out.

  1. On your keyboard, press the Win+X keys and click the Device Manager option.
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  1. Once the Device Manager window opens, toggle to the Sound, video, and game controllers.

Note: the same options in the drop-down menu will vary depending on your system setup.

  1. Next, right-click the system audio driver (usually High Definition Audio device). Then click Update Driver.
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  1. Click Search automatically for updated audio driver software. Let the computer complete the process.
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Method 3 – Disable Other Audio Devices

Connecting more than one audio device to your PC can cause Discord audio cutting out errors. That is because sometimes Windows can’t determine which is the active device. To see if this is the cause of the error, disable any other audio device being used.

  1. Locate and right-click the speaker icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and select Sounds.
  2. Navigate to the Playback tab and find any inactive devices.
  3. Next, Right-click those devices and select Disable.
intermittent 3

Note: The headset you’re using might show more than one device. Check that according to the description.

  • Then reboot Discord and your game and check if the audio is back to normal.

Method 4 – Tune Discord’s Voice Sensitivity

Another reason why you are experiencing Discord audio cutting out is when their voice sensitivity settings are too high. This causes your audio to cut on your end. To fix the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Discord App and click on the Settings icon at the bottom left corner of your window.  
Discord Settings 3
  1. Next, switch to the Voice & Video tab using the pane on the left side of the window. Here, scroll down until you see Input sensitivity.
  2. Turn off the Automatically determine input sensitivity toggle.
intermittent 4
  1. Try speaking into your microphone to see if it is the proper sensitivity.

Note: If the bar is in the orange area, your Discord app will be unable to pick up your voice. Alternatively, the sensitivity should be just right if it’s green.

Method 5 – Check if Discord Servers Are Up

If the Discord server is down, you might experience performance issues, and it will be helpful if you check the Discord Status here. If everything is up and running, check out other fixes.

Method 6 – Disable Echo Cancellation

Sometimes, the Echo Cancellation features can cause audio errors on Discord. To fix this problem, you can follow this method:

  1. At the bottom left corner of your Window, click on the Settings icon next to your Discord account.
Discord Settings 3
  1. Using the pane on the left side of the window, switch to the Voice & Video tab.
  2. Scroll down until you see Voice processing. Turn off the Echo Cancellation toggle.
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Method 7 – Disable QoS High Packet Priority

Quality of Service High Packet Priority is a Discord feature that can sometimes cause lags when playing games (while using Discord). Experts share that by disabling this feature, you should be able to have a better experience with discord again.

  1. Open your Discord and go to User Settings
  2. Locate the Voice & Video on the left menu.
  3. Under the “QUALITY OF SERVICE” section, check if the Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority is set to disable.
intermittent 6

Final Thoughts

Discord audio cutting out errors can be frustrating if you need to communicate online using the tool. The methods mentioned above should fix this error in no time.

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