Can’t Sign into Gmail Account?

Can’t Sign into Gmail Account?

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Can’t sign into Gmail? Don’t worry; there are several ways to regain access. Many email account issues happen daily, not just with Google accounts but with Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail. Each of these has similar if not identical, troubleshooting steps to take when particular login password problems begin.

Those who operate on the Chrome browser typically have a Gmail account because Chrome is a supported browser.

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What is Gmail Service?

If you are relatively new to using a Gmail account, here is a brief description of the Gmail App.

Having a Gmail account is a free, search-based email service introduced by Google in 2004. It is available anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection. Gmail has 900 million active users worldwide (according to Statista).

One of the perks of using Gmail is that it offers a lot of storage space, up to 15GB. This is much more than most other email providers offer. Gmail also provides a powerful search engine that makes it easy to find emails, even if they are buried deep in your inbox. Extra features later in the article will be mentioned.

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If You Can’t Sign Into Gmail, Try to Recover Your Account

To start things off, we’re going to start with the basics; the first thing to do when you can’t sign into Gmail is to check your internet connection. Make sure you are connected to the internet and that your web browser is up to date, at its latest version. If you are still having problems, try restarting your computer or modem.

If you’re confident that your internet connection is working correctly and you are still having difficulties logging in, Google’s servers may be experiencing issues. Email servers don’t frequently shut down, but it is usually mentioned in their “help” tabs that it is still possible for a service outage to occur. In this case, you can try checking the Google Server Status page for updates.

If the problem does happen to be on Google’s side, you can visit their site when you search for the Google Status Page for diagnostics found on their website.

google status page

The Google status page will provide analytics on every commonly used feature from Google.

If the status page doesn’t seem to be helping, it might be easier for you as the email client to select the Google Chrome help page, where thousands of questions are asked monthly.

Can’t Log in With My Gmail App Password

Suppose you believe your account has been hacked, or you attempted to sign in multiple times and were denied access. In that case, Google provides several helpful troubleshooters on their website for recovering your Gmail password and other Gmail login problems. You can find these troubleshooters by visiting the Gmail login page and clicking the “Forgot Password?” link.

Google has an easy-to-follow guide for people to recover their passwords when they can’t sign into Gmail and may not have access to verify their emails or cellular numbers. 

The first step is to enter your email into Google’s recovery login when you select Google Settings. Then Google will ask you as many questions as possible to confirm you as the previous user. These questions will involve your birthday, possible passwords you may have used, and devices you’ve logged in with.

If you manage to recover your account this way, that’s great! Therefore, to help neglect future issues from recurring, it would be wise to set up a recovery email protocol properly. Doing this will simplify questions in proving you as the original account owner.

google recovery options

If You Can’t Sign Into Gmail, Check Your Security Settings

Setting up questions and protocols for verifications helps when you are already logged in. Doing this takes a little stress off many users, knowing there is an SOP (system of processes) for problems with their Gmail account.

One of the layers of security involves having a verification code sent to your mobile device whenever a new operating system logs into your Gmail account.

To reach the options to optimize your Gmail account security, you go to the Google Chrome browser home search page.

manage google account

Once the google user selection pops up, click on your profile. Then you will find yourself at your account management hub, hovering your mouse where the select settings would be for the Google settings page.

google settings page

These Gmail settings will offer you a unique structure for your account’s security. Here you can decide to allow and prevent multiple users from accessing yours. The more adjustments made to protect your account, the easier the Google authenticator can confirm that the account belongs to you when you sign into your Gmail account through questions or a verification code.

You may also adjust what devices are allowed and disabled from attempting a Gmail sign-in to your account and how many Google password attempts are allowed when they repeatedly fail.

After attempting to sign into our Gmail account at least two times, you should willingly click “forgot password,” for this would help speed up the process overall.

Pen and Paper

Users will not look at their security questions for daily safe practice. Honestly, many people most likely fill out the security portion and never write additional answers on a notepad or any piece of paper. Having your secure info written down can help bypass these steps when you can’t sign into Gmail.

pen and paper

This can be extremely helpful if you have multiple accounts with a different browser. A small and basic notebook with a writing utensil is all you need to write down your login password so that you can easily log back in when you forget email users’ information, a password, phone numbers, and other valuable information when you create an account.

If You Can’t Sign Into Gmail, Try Resetting Your Device

Choosing to reset your operating device can be helpful not only when you can’t log into Gmail, but it has proven beneficial when troubleshooting to fix issues with thousands of programs and software.

This step is simple. Whether you reset your phone or computer through the settings menu button or manually on the hardware, it’s always a safe and harmless procedure when troubleshooting login access.

Resetting your device sometimes helps clear corrupted data and cached images and create a new loading slate for your Gmail account data to load. It is equally acceptable and safe with your phone to temporarily turn off your device and wait to turn it back on to see login progress.

Why Is My Google Account Not Loading?

Your Google account not loading could be why you can’t sign into Gmail due to your overall internet connection, which can affect your access to your Gmail account app on your mobile phone. Gmail login problems can also stem from your browser not loading files correctly.

Loading problems can be a long list of variables for any email client. We highly suggest you read Techloris’s article on “Gmail not loading.”

If You Can’t Sign Into Gmail, Delete Your Browsing Data History

Clear data by deleting your browsing history can also help load and log in to your account when you can’t sign into Gmail. Opening the Gmail account manager, you will find an option that says “data and privacy.”

gmail account manager
clear browsing history

Like many browsing companies, your profile will allow you to reset and clear data by deleting your browsing history. Deleting this can help prevent broken browser cache images, corrupt data, and malicious content from thriving on your device. When you can’t sign into Gmail, malicious data can be a significant problem causing it.

Not every button is worded the same way, but it is common to find that browsing services have the clear data option listed as the “Clear Data” button.

Signs That Your Gmail May Be Hacked

Unfortunately, even with how powerful the Google Chrome browser may be, the possibility of having your Gmail account breached is still there. These are signs that your Google account may have been hacked and possibly why you can’t sign into Gmail.

  1. You aren’t able to use your regular login password.
  2. You can open your email, but you will see that there are emails sent that you didn’t write.
  3. Google sends your phone number a notification that a different device has tried to access your Gmail Account.
  4. You are no longer receiving consistent messages.
  5. Checking your details hard and finding that your IP address isn’t what it usually is.
  6. Your Gmail login username isn’t recognizable.
  7. You are getting messages from sites you have never visited before.
  8. Nothing is sent to your number when you ask for a verification code text.

Relocating Your Gmail Data

This is what you might call a “worst-case scenario.” Sometimes the power of Google service isn’t enough for the Gmail issue, and resetting your device won’t fix the Gmail login problems.

In cases like this, as long as you’re still satisfied with Google’s systems and utilities, you can create another more secure account and send all your Gmail and Google Drive account data there. This will also involve permanently deleting your old Gmail Account after safely transferring all of your data.

delete gmail account

The most cautious step you’d want to take while performing this task would be to check every file for malicious content before sending it to a new email address. Setting up a more secure account before receiving your previous material would also be a priority.

New Gmail Account Tips and Procedures

Logging Into Your New Gmail Account

When logging into your account, ensure the operating system you are using is secure and free of viruses. This case is more common than many might think.

Being on vacation but having an emergency issue call from work might have you searching for the closest system to operate a desktop-only program. Generally, it is wise to see if the desktop you are about to use has some form of antivirus software.

Your New Gmail Password

When creating new passwords for anything, you’ll want to ensure that the last password isn’t the same as the one for your new account. Another tip to make sure you’ll never do this is not to allow any system other than your one to save your username and password.

Most platforms today ensure that new users create “strong passwords,” which are the same as your Gmail password, so it’s much harder for hackers to breach your accounts.

Yes. This also involves your family member’s and friends’ computers. Unfortunately, assuming they are as protective of their computers as you are doesn’t make it a fact.

Logging Out Procedure

Although it isn’t recommended, logging out of your Gmail account can also be another defense against hackers and potential viruses when we leave our desktops unattended for a brief or extended time.

Verified Phone Number on new Gmail Account

It is definitely on the priority list to ensure that the sources to send a verification code are current addresses. Having a registered phone number that can complete phone calls is very important when you want notifications of foreign devices trying to access your Gmail Account.

Frequently Asked Questions for Gmail Account

gmail faqs

How can I verify my Google account if I cannot verify my Gmail account?

When you cannot verify either of the accounts, it’s usually due to the little personal information and time spent building the security protocol. This makes the task of recovering your Gmail account nearly impossible.

Why is login with Google not working?

If you cannot verify yourself as the Gmail account owner, another cause may be that you (or somebody else) may have opened up your Gmail account on another operating system.

How do I correctly sign into Google IMAP?

First, you’ll want to ensure the IMAP is up and activated. Next, you’ll want to ensure that your Gmail account is open. In the far right-hand corner of the screen, you should be able to find “Forward,” then “POP,” and “IP” in your settings section.

You’ll want to make your manual adjustments on each of those. When you are finished, select “Allow IMAP.”

Why is Gmail not working when I select Gmail on Google Chrome?

Sometimes the applications that one has extended on their operating system and browsers cause adverse effects on your Gmail account access. By temporarily turning them off and on one by one, you might be able to close out of the Google Chrome browser and try again with more success.

Why did Google tell me that my Gmail account isn’t secure?

When visiting websites that aren’t encrypted, this directly impacts how Google perceives your Gmail account and Google account security when opened simultaneously with your browser.

Why is Gmail not letting me sign in?

This problem can be attributed to a variety of factors. It’s a good idea to change your password if the one you’re using is incorrect or if someone else gains access to your account.

Browser issues might also cause login issues. Try deleting your browser’s cache or restarting it.

How can I recover my Gmail account if I can’t verify my Google account?

You will no longer be able to access or use that account. Given that you cannot recover your password or verify that you are the account owner, you will need to create an entirely new one.

It would be best if you noted the essential data about your account’s safety for future reference, which will prevent you from losing what you have once more.

How do I contact Google to verify my account?

You cannot call Google for assistance signing into your account for security reasons. Any service that claims it supports accounts or passwords is not affiliated with Google. Never divulge your verification codes or passwords to anyone claiming they can help you recover accounts.

Where is the Gmail sign-in page?

Open up Gmail on your laptop or desktop. Type your password and email address for your Google Account. Click Use another account if you need to log in to a different account.

If you see a page with information about Gmail instead of the login screen, click the Sign in button in the upper right corner.

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