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Not much is known about Sailor Project as a software developer.

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6 programs found by this developer.

The Internet Speed Checker is a web browser application that is designed to provide users with information about their internet connection speed. It i... Read more

Ge-Force Icon Ge-Force

Ge-Force/iWebbar is a browser extension that is supported by advertising and may also run as a background process. This program is often included as p... Read more

MediaPlay-Air is a web browser adware application that generates banner ads and contextual link ads on web pages through a browser plugin for IE, FF,... Read more

The video MediaPlayer software is a web browser application that includes banner ads and contextual link ads that can appear on any web page, regardle... Read more

The browsers application developed by Freeven and digitally signed by Sailor Project is an adware web browser application intended to deliver banner a... Read more

FLV Player Addon is a web browser extension that serves as a tool for displaying advertisements to users. The plugin features a slider in the top righ... Read more